The story of Mark 1 – Ricky Ma

The story of Mark 1 – Ricky Ma

April 8, 2016 0 By admin

Hi! My name is Ricky Ma.

I have been working in design field for about 24 years. One day, upon introspecting,I thought  about what I really wanted to design. Finally, I found out from  my lost memories! My childhood dream was robotic. The ideas came from a Japan comics, with the story of a kid playing the robotic games. It was  very interesting  and fascinating for me in my childhood. So, I wanted to make this dream come true!
Ricky Ma Mark 1

In the planning…

I figured I should just do it when the timing is right and realize my dream. If I realize my dream, I will have no regrets in life!
So, after planning for 1 years and using 1.5 years to build the whole thing, I just  named it ”Mark 1”. I would wonder if anyone would say “Mark 1” looks like someone…But anyways, this version is my private work and Not for Sale!
I love to find attractive and special characters’ face from movie or TV drama for my robotics. And I think, lovely faces and movable body can attract more attention.  I’m sure if it looks like a real person,it should be popular in the future  It is because,this is a human psychology! Otherwise, it would just be a decoration.
Ricky Ma Creations
You can imagine that the robotics linking with search engines, it is such powerful and how special!
And it should lead the market in the world. Meanwhile, I never believed more in robotics,than human. Humans are of very complicated kind. More important than that the robotics should be re industrialization trend and increasing the economic of the country.

In the costing…

It is 70% build by using 3D printing (without the silicon skin surface). Roughly, estimated cost for robotic materials is around USD$50000. It  includes 3D printing machine (hug size), vacuum casting machine, liquid silicon and 3D printing material, motherboard, computer, motor servos, metal, cutting machine, small tools, etc and the cost for many many failed and damaged materials.

In the processing…

During the  whole process, I have failed many many times and lost & damaged many materials that all come for a significant amount of money! Also, the servos and motherboards are very expensive! There are more different types of difficult things,I needed to solve, such as, how much power/voltage for suitable work, how to write the program script and how to combine all of it. These made all of it very tiring and painful! Mark 1 has a camera in her eyeballs. So, it has face tracking, color tracking and voice control function. But anyways, I’m very much enjoying my work.
After I made this version, I got more experience and learnt how to enhance and modify it. In this stage, I will find different ways like Internet sharing, publishing a robotic handbook, find investors or  business partners, or get support via Kickstarter / Indiegogo, etc,to get more funding support to develop my next robotics project.

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Thank you.
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