Screw Finding Your Passion – Rohan Kevin Broach

Screw Finding Your Passion – Rohan Kevin Broach

September 5, 2017 0 By Rohan Broach
EMBRACE YOUR PASSION is probably the most cliché line people keep telling me.
Since my childhood, this has been the modern, radical society’s motto.
The second one is — ‘Why are you wasting your life on Engineering? You’re a poet. Write!’


Again, the new age society believes in freedom to choose the profession you like. I appreciate the progressive nature of the modern people.
But what the people do not understand is that writing isn’t my only passion.
I am enthusiastic about filmmaking and painting — I want to be an artist.
I bake cakes and pizzas during holidays — I do not want to be a chef.
Do I like cooking? Of course I do. That’s why I do it on weekends.


I am pursuing B.Tech in CSE. I code. I want to be a game developer — will I be an artist then?
Also, I speed-cube.
And I want to learn the Violin.
And Spanish (the language).
And Italian (the cuisine).


I want to read one novel a week. And maybe write one too.
I write poetry. Should I become a poet?
And if I am already writing poems, am I not a poet already?


What was I talking about by the way? Okay, let’s start again.
A bit slower this time.


Hi, I am Rohan Kevin Broach. And I do not know what my passion is. I am decently intelligent. I have picked up multitudes of skills in my almost twenty years of Homo Sapiens experience.
And whatever I tried, I did it. I get good at things pretty fast.
My parents aren’t the sorts that bombard their kids with classes, coaching, and training from an early age. I never attended a single class for anything before 10th grade, including sports and extra curricular. I cannot swim, cycle, skate or play cricket. I don’t even like cricket. But I know a lot of things. I learn very quickly. Hobbies after hobbies, I picked up new dreams every week. Sometimes seriously, sometimes casually. Eventually, I used to start excelling in a particular skill.


But then I stop doing them. And not just stop, I absolutely annihilate them from my life.
It’s not like I forget the skill, I just stop practicing altogether.
I get bored easily. VERY easily. I have struggled with this my entire life. The education system demands a certain mentality from the students, a mould I have never really fit in. But I have been lucky to be around people who did not pressurize me into being something I am not. My struggle is different in the sense that some people do know what they want to be in their life. I do not. Their struggle is against the world to declare their dreams and fly the way they want  — To Embrace Their Passion.


But I do not know what my passion is. And maybe I don’t need to.
I mean, why not just screw ‘finding your passion’ and get things done.
When we were kids, we never thought whether digging dirt is fun or not. Or whether it is a viable source of income. Or do others like digging dirt too. We just did it, if we felt like it.
Why can’t we remain kids at heart?


I know for a fact that there is no dream job, full of passion and fun. Every job is going to suck, get stressful, and test your patience. So what is the big deal about passion in life? Why is everyone after it so much?
Really, what is so wrong with working an OK normal job with some cool people you like, and then pursuing your ‘passion’ in your free time on the side? Has the world turned upside-down or is this not suddenly a novel idea to people?
Now you might judge me for being incompetent. But hey, I can write, code, cook, dream, learn, cube, develop and create.


Who am I to talk about passion?


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