ART not only a 3 letter word but a life changer for me – Vamshi Govindu

ART not only a 3 letter word but a life changer for me – Vamshi Govindu

December 17, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

It was the middle of may when I started thinking of what gift should I present to my best friend!

‘Whatever  I present her, it should be the best gift she has ever seen’ was the thought in my mind all day long. In this whole thought process I came up with an idea to present her a microart which consists of different type like pencil carving, soap carving etc.


And finally I thought of presenting her a pencil carving. Pencil carving is a type of carving which can be done by carving the lid of the pencil in your own creative way.  And I wanted to carve her name on the pencil lid.

To create these types of things one needs to pay attention all the time and have a lot of patience to do it in a perfect shape. It also needs a perfect eye sight.

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“The time to do a carve on the pencil may or may not take much time depending on my mood”. It may take just one hour for doing 12 letter word when I’m in a right mood and it may take four hours to do 2 letter word.

It has been a great experience in doing the carving. As the wise men have said “Practice makes man perfect”, “Hard work pays off”. When I started this work, I didn’t even know the basics of this art. I have gone through various social networks to contact with people who are doing this work but no one gave any response. Due to which I went through some YouTube videos to learn it. From that reference, I have learnt how to shape particular things by imagining them. It wasn’t like I gave a single attempt and ‘voila’ I got perfect. I had to practice a lot to get the required knowledge and perfection to excel in this art.

And now I can carve letters, logos and a lot more things. And yeah I haven’t quit yet, I’ll be creating more and more of my art for sure, because its my passion.


I’m someone who wants to gain respect for himself in the eye of the world.

In the process of learning the people I have lost friends but that doesn’t matter now because now I’m left with my art and success. For every person there are two sides :- the hating side(destroyers) and the loving side(menders). This is for them(destroyers) “The success is what I have achieved from you and yeah! Thanks for hating me as your hate made me succeed and achieve what I wanted in life”.


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