A short trip to Jaisalmer – Shubham Shukla

A short trip to Jaisalmer – Shubham Shukla

January 21, 2016 0 By admin

After the hectic exam season , me and my friends were in need of great relief. In search of peace (for a short relief from exam anger) to our souls. So for this we headed towards west i.e towards the THAR DESERT .We took a sleeper bus from Abu road which dropped us at Jaisalmer by 8:30 am costing our pocket around 500 bucks. After reaching Jaisalmer we headed towards railway station to refresh ourself( cheapest place for such purpose haha) after changing me and one of the friend walked outside the station in search of  a ride for us to explore the famous city of JAISALMER &  the famous THAR DESERT.

After proper bargaining,a local travel agent agreed for a package of 1200 per head which included a bolero ( completely for us),city exploration, JEEP SAFARI (in the sands of thar) , CAMEL RIDE(which I had heard of in movies only)& cultural program of Rajasthan including evening snacks and the famous Rajasthan’s dinner. After listing all this I heard a voice from the depth of my heart saying  WHAT WOULD BE A BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATE NEW YEAR THAN A TRIP TO JAISALMER!!?? And yaa i bet nothing can match the fun , the treasurer ,thrill of jeep safari & how can we forget about CAMEL RIDE.

Trip to Jaisalmer
We left the station and took seats in our bolero to  hunt the city ,starting with the temple and the castle of jaisalmer. It was okie okie to me because I am adventure lover & historical things don’t  appeal to me that much (although both places are  good examples of ancient architecture).

I didn’t want to be late for safari and camel ride and the SUN SET of desert too .So I  convinced everybody that we must head towards the dessert because it was already 3:30 pm. We left the city and stated our journey towards the hotspot of camel & jeep ride,which is around 40km from the city. After covering 5km we were able to see sands and wind mills everywhere.. The views were hell amazing.

Trip Jaisalmer

I cant even imagine how a barren land of earth could store such a beauty in it. Seriously I was amazed by the views. The beauty which you can never capture in a camera. To capture it you have to go there and you have to live that moment. After 30 min we reached to our destination from where we had to go on jeep safari.

Jeep Safari
The best part of this trip. Our jeep was rolling in sands as we were on high Chase pursuits.. Haha the only word coming out of mouth was what the fuck!!!wow!! And contentious hooting… Everyone became crazy while enjoying the ride. Our jeep was riding the SAND DUNES at about 80-90kmph & we were tossing around just like clothes in washing machine dryer.  It was just like a dream. That jeep safari was beyond my explanation. It was so amazing that I fell short of words. Just 1 sentence -you will get lost and you will hope that this jeep safari would never come to an end.

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thar Desert

We took few photographs over there so that we can take memories with ourselves and tease everybody in my friends circle.I know you all have started portraying the sense inside your mind but it is far far far more amazing than that you can portray. But as you all know time is a bitch , our safari came to an end.. We paid tip of 200 to driver for such an amazing ride( we engineer  never give tip in any condition to anyone. So from this only you can guess how amazing this jeep safari would be and I bet the level to which you can think it would be 10 times more amazing when you will take this safari )

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Its time for the camel ride and to witness the sunset of thar.I was having quite the fun on  top of the camel.. You will get feeling like you are driving on the roads of U.P;quite shaky . But watching sun set from camel’s top was another amazing feeling.. It will appear like everything stood still while watching the settling sun. No doubt nothing can ever be more beautiful than our mother nature. Each and every part of earth contains its own type of beauty whether it is the mountains,plains, sea, ocean or desert.

trip to jaisalmer
We headed towards the cultural places after the camel ride.. We were welcomed there by tika karan process (tika lagana) after this we were served with evening tea & poha( famous in Rajasthan) and with the traditional program of rajasthan singing, kawali, shero shayari and dancing too.

folk festival rajasthan
Ya one thing about dance its being tradition but with modern touch,
glamour and hot type dance. And few of our TAU’S(aged uncles of rajasthan) get so much excited that they even started blowing money over the dancer… Seeing this i asked my friends IS IT TRADITIONAL DANCE OR EROTIC DANCE!!?? Hahahaha don’t worry i over exaggerated by saying erotic.. But ya you people will hold your breath watching MATKA DANCE where a lady will put 15 matka on her head and dance along with them.. This dance was quite catchy one, you will witness the correct implementation of word BALANCE after watching the dance. Not only this,the lady also climbed over inverted drinking glasses and she danced over them around 30 sec.After the dance ended all the public over there,stood up,whistled and clapped for her performance. Around 9:30 pm dinner was ready we took our dinner ( it was awesome ) and went back to the railway station after giving the rest half of money to the driver. Finally an amazing trip to jaisalmer came to an end … I have lot more to describe but as we all know that any explanation can never be equivalent to the moment you lived at that time, the fun ,the adventure … It was all amazing

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