Traveling – Food for my Soul – Shailja Singh

Traveling – Food for my Soul – Shailja Singh

September 24, 2016 0 By Shailja Singh

Traveling, for me, It’s a hobby, It’s basically an escape from the day to day routine. Once in a while I take a time aside for travelling whether it’s a new coffee shop or another state or country, so that I can feel refresh again. Travelling is an integral part of my life and I love it. I love exploring new places, digging out new culture of that place and experiencing each and every single bit of it. Traveling motivates me. It helps me to grow as an individual. It teaches me about the different culture, history, life style of new places, which is really important if one wants to become a traveler,not just a tourist.

I have traveled a lot. Before my 12th grade I traveled with my family but during my bachelors I mostly traveled by myself. Being an Indian, I have seen the northern and Southern part of India including the East and West of it too. I’ve been to Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jaipur, Sikkim, Mumbai, Goa, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. As I was in Delhi, I have explored a lot about it too.dscn0959-1

Here I would like to elaborate about my trip to Goa’2016, the last spring. It was one of my best trips I had so long. I actually gained a lot of experience from that trip. I not only visited the given destinations on the map, but also explored some of the most beautiful sceneries in Goa.
There were 2 more friends with me. We visited as many beaches as we could, the churches, the forts and adding up the night flea market that we just couldn’t miss.
I also did parasailing and enjoyed the surfing bike too, not forgetting about the banana boat. Explored many unknown roads and not so crowded beaches. Travelled from North to South Goa including the capital city, Panaji, just on a bike(scooty). It was a lot of fun to just bike the roads down, sometimes in the scorching heat where I got tanned(finally), to the sweetest breeze from the sea shore, experiencing everything and living my life to the fullest. Now I can say if you want to explore any place, especially a place like Goa, go hire a bike and hit the roads. I bet this experience will become the best experience you will ever have in your life.
I would also like to share some of the instances I have from the trips since childhood, that have some kind of impact on my life, whether it is large or a small one.12833421_945160312270543_1177726779_n

Let’s start when I went to Darjeeling and Gangtok (Sikkim/2007) that experience is one of the most important traveling experience in my life, because at that point of time I actually realized that to live in a normal routine or at the same place for the whole life is not the only goal of my life, there’s something more to it. And that was traveling.
I than realized that, some of the major goals and need of my Life,is not only to become a tourist , but to become a wanderer , a traveler , so that I could know more about the world, and their different cultures. So I can say that 2007 was the point where I knew that I can’t live in one place. I’m born to travel and explore.

Then I went to Amritsar, Dehradun (2008) where I started realizing that yes I’m on the right path, this is what I need to do in my life, to have enormous experiences in my life so that I can have a lot of memories to share about. I realized that Northern India (extreme)has some of the most beautiful cities and how the culture is so different as that from Delhi, in spite of being from the same country. I saw how the routines and cultures of the people are so different from the place I lived in, and not forgetting about the serenity I got there, which was missing from Delhi.


Then comes 2010, when I went to Mumbai and Goa, on one side where Mumbai was so full of life and was active 24/7, Goa on the other side had the essence of its rich history,unique culture and the original natural beauty. Both the places are so different from each other, yet so mesmerizing that you just can’t love one place. Both the places, somehow,are very close to my heart. Mumbai and Goa are like those places where I can go abundant times and still not get tired. I’ve been to Mumbai 3 times and Goa 2 times; Ijust can’t stop talking about them. One thing about Goa is the peaceful GOAN lifestyle and adventure sports, that drew my attention! The only way I can compare these places would be, doing my job in Mumbai on weekdays and then relaxing in Goa on the weekends (A PERFECT LIFE).


In 2012, I went the Southern Part of India, it was a 15-day tour, in which I covered some of the places like Tamil Nadu, Kerala especially Trivandrum. The lifestyle there was different, the language there was different and there was a huge difference of the food culture too. What we do in North India, is totally different from the Southern part. I thought that if there’s so much difference in the states only, then what impact of culture difference will be between countries. There are lots of Beaches, lots of sunrise and sunset points, and at Kanyakumari where the 3 water bodies meet (Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea), that scenery just gives you goosebumps, you go so much into the nature just by watching it.

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In 2013-2016, That was the time when I was in university, where my main goal of traveling was to explore as much as possible by living in Delhi, I explored the streets of Chandni chowk to the parks of Hauz Khas, and then from the local streets paani puri to luxurious cuisines in restaurants of CP.

In 2013, there was a short trip to Jaipur too, one of the most attractive city I’ve known. Tasting the food there is the thing that you just can’t miss, one should go there if want to know more about the rural India.

In 2015, I also went to Udhampur(J&K), which is a total different place. It’s more of a military base of India. Besides, Jammu and Kashmir where there are people that are never in a hurry, they just love to enjoy life, every bit of it, everything there is so down to earth . I would love to go to Kashmir, I’ve heard that there are wonderful valleys there .

As of now (2016), I’m living in Winnipeg, Canada, and I’m glad I got a chance to know the other part of the world, I have been to some of the places here already and I’m looking forward digging more about this city in the coming weeks.


I have come to this conclusion that for me, life is all about having as many different set of experiences this life allows me to have.
I’ll advice everyone, that if you want to fulfill all your desires and want to get stress-free just book a ticket and go to any place once in a year. I bet you’ll see the difference.fullsizerender-1
For me, I’ll never stop exploring, because that is the food for my soul and YES, I travel to live and Live to travel!!


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