Rishikesh – Perfectly Adventurous Getaway For ₹500 From Delhi – Pawnesh Tapish

Rishikesh – Perfectly Adventurous Getaway For ₹500 From Delhi – Pawnesh Tapish

January 24, 2016 2 By admin

That was revelry night and our brooding eyes can see sorrowness in each other. Since few days back we completed our final semester of B.Tech, and now time was come to move further, but before going to separated we just decided to go for our last traveling. As we already fired our money in drinking alcohol after exam So this will our under budget travel. in next day evening we catch Passenger train from meerut city railway station to Rishikesh costing ticket ₹45 per person (Distance- Delhi to Meerut 72 KM. Meerut to Rishikesh 160 K.M). We reached at Rishikesh station at 4:30 A.M, completely fresh and charged. The air was chilly, nippy and refreshing… a short rickshaw ride got us to near Laxman Jhula, situated in the midst of the narrow bylanes of Rishikesh market.

Delhi To Rishikesh

So Most of Rishikesh consists of narrow lanes and thus, is best enjoyed on foot so after some blissful tea, a few snaps, we start trekking to Neergarh Waterfall starting from badrinath highway. It is one of the most frequented waterfalls as it is easiest to access. That light trek is one the best I’ve had, mountain on one side the river on the other and the sun up above. There are small pools along the hike where a hiker can sit and enjoy the serenity of falls, while soaking the tired feet. You can also consider taking a dip into the pool of fresh water. Trekking through Neergarh waterfall and passing by shallow pool will give you a feel and touch of what the Himalayas beauty is all about. The best thing about this adventure activity is that it does not require any special skill to trek, owning to easy path and can be undertaken by people from all age group. Vendors are also available here to sell the beverages, which will cost slightly higher but a cup of tea in hand will be a good idea to enjoy the surreal beauty of the place. You can also see some foreigners during this trekking. One of my friend Maan Singh, after seeing foreigner women first time said “WoW!!! Kya maal hai, ab tak sirf blue filmo mai he dekha tha” (Till now i only watched foreigner women in porn films) That was the funniest and unforgettable moment of whole trip.

When we reached at top and the waterfall!!!! wow!!! it would take someone much more artistic with the language to describe it in its entirety, It’s not very big, not very powerful stream, but it’s one the prettiest things in this world. The bed of the fall is transparent, one can see easily shiny rock in pool, so when the water trickles down it and especially with the sun overhead, the laws of optics create something extremely beautiful.

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We were completely exhausted, so we put our feet in pool, falling water was cold and giving perception of completely heaven, we just jump in, we do play in the pool and even go under the waterfall. After sometime in Playing in pool We just realize that All tiredness was now sightless.

Coming down from the top till the road head may take less than half the time one need to go up as it is all the way downhill.

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Pawnesh Tapish

The final rapids were very light and we passed through the famous Ram & Lakshman Jhoola of Rishikesh and all the beautiful temples built on either side of the ganges and also exploring local market. Well, it has been a very adventures day in Rishikesh, we definitely needed some indulgence after the heat of the plains.

After lunch and a short walk to the rickshaw stand, a 45-minute drive through the scenic 24 Km stretch in auto rickshaw costing ₹30 per person after bargaining, we reached at Haridwar. Located in the laps of the lower Himalayas, surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides with the Holy Ganga flowing through it. It was 5:00 P.M and we sighted the Har Ki Pauri, this place has mob. You could find huge uncles with bulging paunches and typical ‘petticoat’ aunties. There were people who took a dip and came out and some vicious men who were eyeing women whose wet clothes stuck to their body. One of my friend had a DSLR camera with 30x optical zoom and binocular also so we are able to see easily those women. I just want to say “Bande Hone Ka Faayeda Kya Agar Tum Maze He Nahi Le Rahe Ho” -Men Will Be Men.


You can easily get weed and “Bhaang” (Hemp) on ghats of ganga, so before leaving haridwar we smoked some weed with sadhus on Ghats also take some weed with us so we can smoke it in hostel, we explored local market and have some snacks and famous Indian Sweet Dish “Gulab Jamun”. At 9:10 P.M we reached haridwar railway station, after some time our train came and in next morning we were in Meerut. The Whole Journey was ended under ₹500 per person

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