A journey from no where to everywhere -Sumti Bhadani

A journey from no where to everywhere -Sumti Bhadani

July 14, 2016 0 By Sumti Bhadani

Recalling the past one year of my life gives me a great personnel and professional satisfaction. Life has changed a lot in the last one year. I never imagined that my dream of traveling will come to life that soon and I will get an opportunity to travel Europe. The traveling journey which started with the group of 7 friends from Hyderabad soon turned into a one man journey with a backpack and a camera as the only necessity.


The first destination to explore was Salzburg followed by Paris, Swiss, Barcelona and many more. While traveling all those places, I thought to jot down the experience and to share among the people. And thus I started with Small Budget Big Trips (www.smallbudgetbigtrips.com) in the month of August 2015. The idea behind this was just to share my travel experience.

As and when time passed at its own pace, I realized that this could be made something big. Why should I limit this website only to me and why not let every traveler come and share their traveling experience. And thus this website was further developed to inculcate the above idea. To my surprise the response was beyond expectations. People started sharing their experiences.  With this it helped me to bring many travelers and bloggers to come to a same platform and share.  And it begins the journey of Small Budget Big Trips as travelers’ and bloggers community.


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At present the website act as a platform for providing below services:

  1. Platform for travelers to share their travel stories and get the discount vouchers/coupons for various travel apps like Yatra, Make my Trips, OYO Rooms etc.
  2. Travel Resource and information for various destinations.
  3. Travel competition related information which help travelers to get a chance to grab free holidays.
  4. Hotel prices comparison & Booking.
  5. Helping bloggers in their blogging activities by providing information on monetization of blogs, how to increase traffic etc.

In the coming future, we are also planning to bring self travel planning tool for  travelers and also aims to make this website as complete guide and resource for the travelers , by the travelers, of the travelers…

You can visit us at our website Small Budget Big Trips for information and details on our project

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