MY First Trip: Best moments with my best friends – Yashpal Yadav

MY First Trip: Best moments with my best friends – Yashpal Yadav

September 6, 2016 0 By Yashpal Yadav

26th December 2011 was the day when we (me and my 4 bestest buddies) started our first ever unplanned trip to Rishikesh.

We started our journey from Alwar, Rajasthan in a reserved coach without reservation.In the night TTE came and we all locked ourselves in the toilet and finished our entire journey from Alwar to Delhi in the toilet itself 😀 .From Delhi we took another train and deboarded at Raiwala the next morning, we had our breakfast in the Raiwala cantonment area at the residence of my friend’s brother who is an Army officer; next day the army gypsy dropped us at Rishikesh from where we moved towards Dehradun and Mussorrie.By the noon we reached Mussorrie- the city of love birds.

We had a long walk on the Mall road, visited gun point, had a glimpse of Laal Tibba and also dreamt of owning the beautiful villa built in the middle of the mountains. The chilling wind at Gun point was quite different that I have never felt till date even at the snow covered Triund or Manali, the sunset view from there is also amazing and lovely.

DSC03364 (1)The Villa

29th December is the birthday of one of my best friends so we bought a cake, a bottle of wine and returned back to the hotel  room, which was a large room with 2 double beds in it.We celebrated his birthday and enjoyed the full night where we broke one bucket, ply of one bed ,but fortunately they went unnoticed while checking out 😀

Next day we visited Kempty falls and Dhanaulti eco park.While commuting to Dhanaulti in the bus we met a russian named something like “Vasooli”.He was a big fan of “Why this kolaveri” and asked us to share the song with him.In this way  he became our good friend and we enjoyed with him in Dhanaulti. While having our lunch he was served a chapati with raw egg spilled over it as egg roll that too for some 350 INR, he showed it to us that made us feel too bad and ashamed of the behaviour that we do with our guests.

Anyway we had fun with our Vasooli bhai and made him feel normal and moved back to Raiwala for the night stay.

DSC03577 (1)

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Next morning we headed towards Rishikesh and started rafting from Shivpuri, that experience was a thrilling, one of its own kind and quite adventurous one.Our raft was the only one in the many rafts sailing alongside which didn’t rolled down, our raft rider was quite adventurous and he kept on shouting “Chiri miri chiri miri dhum dhadaka hu ha hu ha” (I don’t understand its meaning yet) we all were too much excited by his mantra that we jumped in the river Ganga and felt the life taking chilled water in the month of December, due to the K.V (Kendriya Vidyalaya) keeda we were somehow able to float for 1-2 kilometers.Finally we reached the maggi point where we had maggi and cup of tea, our hands were shaking and the tea in the cups fell down leaving all of the cups empty.DSC03365 (2)

Then we all went to the cliff jumping point, after looking down none of us had enough courage to jump, all of a sudden a raft full of girls (obviously they were the only hotness in the chilled surrounding :P) appeared and one after one we all jumped in the water.

One visiting Rishikesh must go for rafting and cliff jumping to feel the magic of life to its core.

Then we all enjoyed at the bank of river Ganga and danced in dark in a prohibited area. After few hours we rushed to Raiwala and picked up our luggage and rushed to catch our train.

At Haridwar station two of my friends went down to get tea and the train started, they ran holding the tea in their hands to catch the train but unfortunately doors of the coach were shut and they both were hanging at the door in that chilling night, luckily they had cup of tea in their hands which fell over their hands to keep them warm and to hold the door for few minutes until a gentleman heard their voice and opened the door for them, we three were unaware of the tragedy they had in the past few minutes, we all laughed and thanked that person. After that till the morning we had a very funny experience that I can’t share publicaly 😀DSC03716 (1)

It is highly advisable to every traveller to visit Rishikesh atleast once in a lifetime.

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