Feel the life – Vinamra Sharma

Feel the life – Vinamra Sharma

June 18, 2016 0 By Vinamra Sharma

Trip to Dhanaulti

In my last year winter vacations ,I decided to go on a trip with my brother and his friends to Dhanaulti.We decided to have some adventure and some new experiences.A day before our trip i got my ENEMY asthma attack (as I am a patient)😷🤒. My parents told me that i can’t go coz its on mountains and in asthma I can’t even walk fast and if I do my tongue comes out like a dog and i start taking long breaths like an old man.Next our car was ready and brother and his frnds were ready with there bag packed full of food ..and I was packed with my medicines ..lol😂.
The way to there was awesome ,scenery was awesome ..the climate was not sunny …it was clouded…coz of which we saw many types of different clouds.Screenshot_20160617-154121
Then in the other minute it started raining..and it got more cold…we were having so many edm and english songs in our taxi that our punjabi driver got tired and irritated so much that, he took out his head phones connected to his phones and started Listening his songs…and then  a moment came when you are not able to see a things outside..So i started Watching DILWALE lol😂.Then we took a 5 min break on a small dhaba and had some hot tea..and took some pics.

DhanaultiI am the guy with the red cap


tea time

And then we again started our journey ..
As we crossed mussorrie we switched off our songs and i switched off my movie and became very carefull coz the way was so slim and on our right side there was a big way  down to death and on other side mountains full of rocks ….and as any car overtook us we said some slangs and let him cross…our driver was very confident that Nothing will happen to us,coz he was born in mountains ….bt from 4 of us Idk who was brave ..coz everyone acted like they r well bt i think in there heart and mind they mst b saying HANUMAN CHALISA ..LOL ☺.. ..and when we strted going more up the rain stopped and sun come up…bt it was so cold….we reached there bt it took us 30 minutes to find our camp coz it was down the road….well in the end we found it and thn i came out of the car .


Our Camp

Thn my biggest fear strted tht i can go down this road easily..bt if i had to come up will my lungs help me ??…i said we’ll c tht later..Thn my brother confirmed tht it was this place we went down to our camp ..my brother and his frnds were with some cHips and hot clothes ..whereas i was having a box full of my medicines 😢…thm we asked wjen we will get the food tbey said after 30 mins we were like WTF!! R U MAD OUR STOMACHS R CRUING FOR FOOD😠😈..bt we manage our anger and decided to go up and have some maggie (a stall was there on the road side ) ..bt thn my fear strikes me bak i have to go up…i strted walking up bt walking was not helping me as there was a small layer of ice which get froze on places where there is no sunlight known as PALA in hindi ..so it was 4:00 p.m and 10℃ . I saw at our taxi the water of rain had froze on it like it was there from some past years…thn i fianlly reached there and had some maggie ..and thn we had some food in camp too..and thn our manager said tht u will get bored till dinner time go and travel the near valley..there we found a awesome place where we clicked so many pics.


The place was so awesome that I was feeling like a king…coz where I am standing far away from that was a hill,which gave me a the feel of king who has to attack tht hill to rule it…lol


Thn we got late there ..as there were some eco gardens which were having all types of flowers (not seen only heard by the peope living near by) i had a HOT BHUTTA .coz i was feeling so cold…and we had a special soup of there of some daal Idk remember it bt it was healthy coz it unchoked my nose and sneezing stopped too..bt say anythng the darkness of tht place was too gud


Thn at 5:30p.m it was dark and we reached bak to our camp and got a funny news….At nyt there is always bonfire near our camp….as we reached there and said our manager to get woods and strt the bonfire ..he said Ohk ( FYI there was a family waho was staying before us there ..with 3 ladies and 2 babies and 3-4 gents who were totally drunk) our manager said tht as we left our camp for the small village the men came there and told him tht keep these 5 boys (including our driver) away from us and give thm a separate bonfire because we were watching those ladies with “GUNDI NAZAR” (wrds by those gents)…so we ignored tht and strted our bonfire … had some good play witb fire and thn we had our dinner which was awesome. Mutton and chicken ..salad ..tandoori roti…and it was 10:00 p.m with the temp of -4℃…if u dare to leave bonfire in tht temp u will find ur 1 of the part fallen to sleep …There was a time when i left tbe fire And went to feel some gud air which was giving me the feeling of happines ..luckiest to b here in the world And for a minute 1 forgot about my lungs ahouted yeh!!!!….which made me feel gudScreenshot_20160617-154109

Thn we all went in our camps to sleep and i got a surprise tht my brother has bought a Rum from the village …so tht we find some heat….he gave 1 plastic glass full of it ans water and made me sleep…..we 4 didnt changed our clothes from tht morning to nxt…
Thn the sun comes and we got to know tht last nyt the air was so cool tht it froze the water filled in tanks .. bt i didnt knew tht and i went to bathroom to get freshed i was in full sleep bt as i put water to clear the dirt from me…my full bottom part was frozen and was paining ….i run so fast from there and wenT outside the camp got to know tht last nyt the air blew was so cold tht it froze everything …BT thx to this invention which helped us to get hot water . It was in a shape of big cylinder and where we burn the wood in the middle ..let the steel get hot thn put the water in top ryt side black cup and thn the water take a full round of it and comes out from the lest side..we hot

The thing impressed me the most was the morning view

It was sooo gud…

Thn we had our break fast and went for some adventure sports which was coolScreenshot_20160618-120157

Now from there we went to mussorrie and had a Lot of tasty food and some memories
And my journey ends ……..😢


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