Experience your autumn in Winnipeg – Shailja

Experience your autumn in Winnipeg – Shailja

March 24, 2017 0 By Shailja


What is the first thing that comes to your mind?? Orange petals, falling leaves on windy day, sipping coffee on those cold nights by the side of the window or standing by the ceiling, watching the whole ground covered with leaves, listening to the cracking sound of the leaves when you cross them, and yes, a message that winter is around the corner. Autumn makes me want to write. It makes me think of those long days spent in the corner seat of a warm, quiet coffee shop, watching rain tap against the window and listening to the sounds of steaming milk and tinkling espresso cups.  Autumn is like a messenger, that tell us that nothing stays the same, and nothing decays. It says that change is a part of life, to enjoy your future, you must leave the past. To enjoy winter, it’s time to let go of summer. A season where the surroundings, become a painting.

 It is a season of not-quits and just-about, but when you look at the trees in their most pristine moment of red-gold-orange glory, there is something about it that is incredibly fulfilled. Though it brings with it the promise of increasingly unmanageable coldness, and the longest months of bare, twisted trees, it is the pause just before the leap where you realize how beautiful all the things are that you are about to lose.

That’s the magic of Autumn. Here I’ll take you to a place, where we live Autumn, It’s Winnipeg’s autumn. There is something special about it, I think it’s the best place to enjoy autumn. Cafes, lakes, valleys, forests, coffees all around, not leaving behind the famous Halloween we celebrate.

Let me give you a glimpse of Winnipeg’s fall, and why  you should experience it once in your lifetime.

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  1. Here, when the wind is cold, leaves are falling and we can smell pumpkin everywhere, we know it’s AUTUMN. You can’t miss this scenic beauty; these sceneries not only keep the eyes calm but hearts full of energy too. 
  2. Because running into woods and catching the sunset while driving is a must, you’ll see different gloom of trees and different shades of blue in the sky, watching the sun go down. It’s a must to go and explore by the parks here.
  3. By taking a walk at night, in the rain, watching the roads all wet gives you a different perspective of what beauty autumn beholds. In this way, you’ll never miss how gorgeous are the sunsets.
  4. This is how Winnipeg Downtown shows Autumn, there is a hidden beauty in between those buildings which are covered by spectacular autumn rays and that orange theme.
  5. When the neighborhoods have all that picturesque beauty you have even seen and the trees, and lakes are complementing every living creature around.
  6. When you sip a coffee on a rainy day, by the window, just wondering how beautiful the moment is it itself. Also, don’t forget about the pumpkin lattes, famous in this season.
  7. Coming through the end of October, where it’s time to say goodbye to the beautiful season of Change, the hustle and bustle of Halloween decorations and the famous trick-o-treating on the doors. Don’t forget to visit the famous shops like “Spirit”, that just opens for Halloween.
  8. And, coming at last, don’t forget to spend time with your family and Friends and enjoying that official last day of autumn, that is Halloween. Just go through all the celebrations which are more pleasant and warming when you have your close ones.


These pictures are just a glimpse of Winnipeg’s autumn ,you have to come here in order to feel this beautiful weather. So I suggest you to experience and celebrate WINNIPEG’S BEAUTIFUL AUTUMN , once in your lifetime.


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