Bikes and Brotherhood: Southern Odyssey – Ruthvik Kadsur

Bikes and Brotherhood: Southern Odyssey – Ruthvik Kadsur

April 24, 2016 0 By admin

Hi!I am Ruthvik,a professional mechanical engineer and a motorcycle enthusiast. In love with a Royal Enfield Electra from the past four years.Have clocked 40000 kms and odd as of now.

I have two instances to share-

Instance 1: Myself and a friend had planned an unplanned trip from Bangalore to his native kumbashi in kundapura(coastal district of Karnataka). A lot misinterpretations by people,a lot of people actually asked us to cancel the trip as it wouldn’t be possible. Someone even said that as we two were pretty big in size it would be impossible to sit for such long hours. We kept those comments at bay,however a strange feeling of negativity had engulfed around the zest to travel. However the next three days made those remarks a history.Having covered a distance of 457km to his hometown in 13hours,the next day we road from south canara-North Canara( coastal belt of Karnataka) and back.We returned through one of the toughest Ghats of Agumbe. On reaching my adda at night that day at 10pm,I found the same people waited for me with lighted cigarettes to congratulate me on my feat of covering a 1200 km and odd. This ride was a wake up call for me.



Looking back now, the coast taught me that nothing in life was going to be permanent.Life wasn’t permanent after all.Problems,happiness everything are the small silt particles which are carried off by new waves again and again to the shore,yet again they try find their way to the banks of the heart.But again,deep in the ocean a new wave is coming to hit you and take the silt off.

My relationship with my Motorcycle became more concrete after the ride. I admire it just standing in the parking lot. The tiger eye lamps waiting to get lightened up under the blue sky. Wandering through rough terrains with the decent yet sophisticated thump.It has taken me to places unknown,trough toughest terrains,through rains and guts of wind.It deserves a big hug, a kiss, a pat on the petrol tank. It’s been my best buddy always.


My friendship with my friend grew stronger from our conversation of the night.No bad thoughts please we were two men talking about life. It’s just that people and their perceptions matter a lot.His thoughts could easily assemble in my mind.The experienced we shared together enriched those 3 days. Everyone are free to think and draw inferences. These are all my perceptions about the nature, people and my ride.
All the bikers please pack your bags the coast is waiting for you. Experience it for the thrill of nature and the thrill of BEING LOST, YET FINDING YOUR OWN SELF.
We did it,and we did it in style and it has changed my life altogether.



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Instance 2: We planned to conquer Rameshwaram this time. I was a little weary as to possibility knowing the difficulties of my previous coastal trip,and to add on that the extreme heat in Tamil Nadu was a mental boggle to me. We started at Electronic city Bangalore at 5:50am and we rode in the dust in the heat of the day.We stopped for a quick break in Pamban bridge and It was pitch dark.Saw the time it was 8pm. What had covered a whopping distance of 630km in 16hours with all the breaks and stuff.



I quoted these two as it was an achievement too close to my heart.Everytime we think it is not possible,it is none other than our own voices in the head which stop us and the same voices which ask us to achieve these goals.It is just a matter of choice as to which voice you prefer to hear. We covered a distance of 1750Km on that trip(Tamil Nadu),5 bikes and not a single bike broke down. So, it is never a question of others who discourage.It is the war of our own selves which have to conquer.The sense of triumph you feel when that saddle sore itches you when that sunburn reminds you of your urge to ride,it is a different feeling altogether.

I have one day to spare in a week I use upto spend the most with my bike.I like group riding I like solo too….to me the way a small 10kg engine can take one to different land forms,itself is a mind boggle. Travelling on a motorcycle getting sunburnt,the saddle sores have bought me a lot of peace and a truck load of perspective. My confusions in security which I might not be able to tell a person I feel it liberated on my motorcycle.


I love every motorcycle.I believe these things truly have a soul of their own and a rigid bond with the riders. A basket of soft and harsh memories which would bring a smile on anyone’s face.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to share these kinda stuff. Stay safe.Ride safe.

Thank you.

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