Manali- Not Only For Honeymoon And Adventure – Pawnesh Tapish

Manali- Not Only For Honeymoon And Adventure – Pawnesh Tapish

January 12, 2016 0 By admin

MANALI, So the first thing that stuck with this name is honeymoon, scenic valleys, dense forests, mountains, snow, adventure, cafes, and lively markets and streets but if you are spiritual nature lover and traveler then the agglomeration of beauty in manali is limitless, which is generally missed by travellers.

Yesterday we reached Solang Valley which not only gives a breathtaking view of snowed mountains and glaciers, but is also the center of adventurous activities, including paragliding, skiing, and zorbing. Before coming back to hotel, we sat at the banks of the beas river which is flowing few distance away from road side, we dipped our feet into its icy cold fast flowing waters and our faces bathed in sunlight. We sat in silence for a long time. The moment was secluded both literally and figuratively. Moments like these are so vital for the creative spirit, they are sacred.

Today was a rainy day, we were worried about what we will do today, as my enthusiasm about travelling is flowing in my blood so I am not going to waste this crucial day.Wear cap, jacket and leather gloves, put camera, water bottle, towel, battery backup and some snacks in my ASUS laptop bag. (Yeah!! At that time, I didn’t had any rucksack) Yes I’m going to gamble with rain, not sure my jacket will protect me from dampen as it was made up of polyester and save items in bag also. My friends are conscious about their health so they decided to stay in hotel, Ohh!!! That’s fuckin excuse I know they are engineer, they are going to make this rainy day unforgettable with “Jack Daniels”as it is much cheaper in Himachal Pradesh than Uttar Pradesh, almost half rate. Just reached “The Mall”, Road was not much as crowded as was yesterday, very few people only with umbrella and raincoat was there, moving ahead along the road side under the shades of trees I reached somewhere near about 200m before private bus stand, I found a village road or rural road (Dirt Road) going up on hills. Before going there, I just realize that my jacket is water proof, also my laptop bag, yehhh!!! Feeling luckiest person, a big thanks to ASUS. So from here an incredible journey starts

Wanderting in Old Manali

After few kilometre of travel on dirt road and crossing the SIMSA VILLAGE – a huge portion of which lays hidden beneath a vast coverage of deodara trees. Some elegantly built old houses of stone and wood can still be seen here. It feels like wandering through the cobblestone pathways of the old-time village. a beautiful unpretentious spot of luxury amidst the valley of manali. I say unpretentious because although it’s markedly expensive for the region the staff are by far the humblest and honoring

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people I’ve ever come across. It is easy to find world class hotels. It is not so easy to come across such people. Their stillness imbued an immediate sense of peace and calm. The thrill of climbing to the top, gives me the feeling of pure adrenaline. Once up in the mountains, the view of the surrounding Himalayan mountains is wonderful. The view of Beas River is unparalleled. You can see pics and imagine that the vista from the lap of hill was stunning. It was a real writers’ retreat and we had no excuse to do anything but write for there was nothing in the vicinity.

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I just want to say to travelers those are coming for trip in Manali There are vast swaths of earth over which you’ll rarely see another life form, not that they aren’t there in the undergrowth, mind you! Get lost in the wilderness or scale the highest peaks, traverse rocky landscape.

Manali Rains


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