The Team


No Blog is Successful,without a team that is energetic,driven and focused towards their goal. And with a blog that deals with stories of people from different walks of life , empathetic peeps who can communicate at a personal level were needed.Thankfully we have just the right mix of people for the job.Meet the team.

Archit - Tech guy and stories curator

The one who loves to try out experiences.I am one of the original founders of the blog and have been running it ever since to help people get their stories out to the world.Constantly driven by the impact these stories have on the people who share them,and their peers,I vow to make "Khiski Khopadi" a household name someday soon enough.

Amrendra - Editor

The guy who is hungry for food(obviously) and your stories.I will find you and get your story,wherever you are.I'm not an extrovert like my team,but an ambivert trying to fit in.

Rishab Nema - Partners Manager and Digital Content Creator

Rishab Nema, is a computer science student who views the world through his camera lens. He's a freelancer in Photography, Videography, Marketing & Promotions and Designing. He's always excited for something new, and surely is a Khiski Khopadi.

Jahnvi Tandon - Marketing Manager Amity

My Passion for photography and cricket is my core driving force.I'm an extrovert who likes meeting new people,with love for travelling and some good tunes.

Jibran Ahmed - Stories Curator

The rookie,who is tired of speaking and who has the craziest of ideas.Also word blind but loves writing and telling stories. 20 years old and who does and love pretty much everything.