A Whole new untold Story – Sharon Tess Jose

A Whole new untold Story – Sharon Tess Jose

November 5, 2016 0 By Sharon Tess Jose

When I was told to share my experiences,the first thing which came to my mind was am I capable enough to inspire people?Not every person whom you meet can inspire you and not every experience can aspire you,although every experience in your life is a stage of learning.

I am SHARON TESS JOSE commonly known as ( S.T.J ) as the new trend follows.I carry my whole family in my Jersey as they give me strength to follow up everything I do(Salamma Jose , Jose, Sanuj Jose).Like every typical conservative family my family was also not supportive of sports major reasons me being a girl and moreover getting bruises every where.It’s a myth my family believes every time she moves out definitely she is up to something .


Well that’s true you need to experience a world outside home sweet home to realize how capable you are, I realized my potential as a sports person when I was in fifth class.The follow-up was seen in every sports day and in the end I won the best athlete award when I was in eighth although the first in my schools history .

Every award marks a beginning and every bruise has  some new stories to share but for some it’s just a piece of metal if it never brings happiness to your parents. Whether it be the medals or the best athletes award It’s not that disheartening,but it is when you don’t see that appreciation from your parents, but it’s okay every parent has a dream for their child to see her grow up and be something ,its basically the understanding which keeps it going. It’s true when it’s said 9-5 never earns you nothing ,but who knows how to manage can survive with that as well.


Medals for me don’t count as an Excellency for its just another piece of metal but every medal has its story of hard work and inspiration with a support and trust of many people .The major life changing part of my life was when I was made in charge of three sports volleyball,handball and softball.As a junior you have to handle your juniors and seniors,knowing them,agreeing with them,supporting them helping them  and most importantly being a great friend and a sister and you have to actually built a defensive wall because you have to deal with so much.

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I remember in school I used to get punished every other time because I couldn’t get out of that fun mode of mine.My teacher would always say one day you will realize one day you will understand you will be in my place.Well all of it now  fits and counts in the end all of them earned a medals and I won lots of hearts -that’s an accomplishment,which you don’t find easily.Moreover the most amazing part was when my captain-ship paid off Every person was satisfied with my captain ship and I earned their respect support and love till the end.


Medals count when your duty and hard work pays off and it did by making it one of the most memorable Sangathan of all it could be. In the end I would like to conclude by saying keep doing what you think is right keep going and never give up once cause somebody told  its only once that you will live and so make everyday count so that in the end when u make a visit to your memories you have that valuable smile which needs to be captured and in it you are the one who stays .Follow your passion, give your passion the wings it needs because after those hard struggles one day when it pays of that’s what gives that touch of remembrance and happiness which ultimately fulfills it’s aim Trust me one  day it will be seen, One day everybody will realize,whatever was meant for you so keep trying and never give up and moreover never forget the person who was there with you in your hardships not the person in your success but the person who makes it meaningful and worth to keep going as was my best friend and sister Jessica Anna James my backbone and my support along with family and friends with them my whole life feels I am blessed.


In the end make every beginning of yours marked so that even your grave reads ‘ Get up lady you still have it in you ,why is she still resting!.’

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