The Sporty Edge – Prateek Verma

The Sporty Edge – Prateek Verma

December 8, 2016 1 By Prateek verma

My story is about my past experiences of school time where I met my best friend -SPORTS.I will tell you about my starting to what I am best in now, and how I become the best and the qualities I developed for the same.

So here it is – I got my education from SIMPKINS SR. SECONDARY SCHOOL, AGRA. From primary classes I have had interest in sports, dance, plays and participation in many co-circular activities but I was specially very passionate about sports.


In my schooldays, I always had been excited for the games period in which I played games like basketball, volleyball, badminton, dodge ball etc.I didn’t know most of the sports but wanted to learn and be an expert in each and every sports.But its seemed quite impossible to me  to be a master in every game.There was one person my senior PARMENDAR SWAROOP, who was a sports star of school at that time  and the captain of school’s basket ball team, volley ball team and even had great skills of Taekwondo ,table tennis and skating.I always admired him during his practice,watching his moves was like a treat to me and in the final year of his school he was also selected as the sports captain of the school . From that time I made my mind to be very good in  sports.

I usually played basketball in games period so I had a target that,I learn basketball  perfectly,so I learnt the basics from the coaches and started applying them privately in school time itself and In 8th I became the youngest player of our school BB team and the only one from our class.I had never ever thought I would be selected in  the school team and behind this success was a lot of pain and hard work.I went regularly on evening practices.


As I didn’t had a bicycle at that time I had to walk  daily for a distance of 4-5 km by short route and on court I always had to practice alone  as I didn’t get trained with seniors because I was not at par with their level.Not very tall not having some kind of super skills but this was just the beginning for basketball,the proper coach and temporary coach let us play only and any tournament or competition was  for  the seniors.

In 9th class one sports teacher came in our school to teach taekwondo,so they invited all the students of who were interested to learn and practice it daily .It was a wonderful opportunity for me so I joined the classes.As in BASKETBALL I  used to give my 100% ,in taekwondo also I learnt all the kicks and basics and Sir also trained me very harder than others, believing that someday I will raise his name.

After some days  of practice I firstly entered into an official district tournament.In this competition I realized what sports is why was every player training so hard for the medal.I won bronze medal in that competition and it changed my sports life with me now being addicted to it.

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All I wanted was the gold medal and in  a time-span of 2 yrs I had played various district and state tournaments and won gold silver and bronze medal.

By these little victories I started getting little fame both in schools at home and amongst relatives.Everybody who knew me was proud 0f me and I was a little happy also.But due to me being  addicted I couldn’t lose my focus and had to  manage my schedule in 10th class like hell.I woke up at 5 to go to physics coaching from 6-7,then 7:30 -1:30 school followed by 2-4 chemistry and math’s coaching.From 4 I went to swimming classes ,from 5 to 6:30 my taekwondo practice and 6:30 to 7:30 basketball practice after that if I got some time ,I played  table tennis  and finally reached home tired  at 9-9:30 by bicycle .All my friends and  my parents thought I was mad, that I was so addicted to sport that I was not thinking about my studies.

In 11th class my Taekwondo coach leaft the school and me in the middle of the race.I was very disappointed by this decision of sir but at that time I had reached a good level,so I had some sources and also chated  with my friends who were with me in the Agra taekwondo team and we all gathered at one place and decided to go at some place where we  can practice on our own ,under the secretary of district Agra in taekwondo.

These were the days we realized the importance of  a coach. There was no one who supported or guided us when we were on our peak point but without thinking about this we trained by increasing our intrinsic motivation,by increasing our confidence,by seeing practice videos on YouTube and we practice hard daily and participated in number of great competitions by seeing international players and their great fights, their skills and techniques.

Now I’m a black belt holder,have played in 3 official national tournaments,and also gives taekwondo coaching in my academy to other children. This all was only possible by my intrinsic motivation, hard work, my courage and a lot of hard Work.


Thank you.

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