From not being in the team to becoming a Game changer – Rajeev Patel

From not being in the team to becoming a Game changer – Rajeev Patel

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My name is Rajeev Patel.

The story starts when I was in my  2nd yr,(2012)  and college fest was about to commence.From each branch college cricket teams were made with players being selected on the basis of their daily performance. I had gone for practice only two times and as such my name was not in the team list. Only when my roomie told me,that he was in the team list, I came to know that the team had been made.

Since cricket is my 2nd most favourite sports and I played it very well,I started looking for any opportunity to get in the team.I started with finding out who the captain of our mechanical college cricket team was,and also talked to him but he refused as he never saw me on the ground. I wanted to be selected at any cost so I went to my senior contacts and asked him to please do something for the same.He suggested to show my performance on the following day’s practice in ground might be fruitful.Next day when usual daily practices started and I put myself in the opponent team so that I would be noticed,and it happened as I did very well.

college Cricket

After the practice,I found a good time to talk about myself again at the mess and this time,I successfully convinced the captain to include me either in the playing team or as an extra;it didn’t matter.

Finally the day came  for the first match of our team I was in the playing eleven (11) but 4th down in the batting order.

We bat first and the match was going on good,but after a few overs of our 10 over match suddenly our starters fell one by one and the score was not enough to make our college cricket team win.

Rkgit Cricket Team

At fourth down when I was came,my focus was on regulating the strike and held on to one end,to constantly add up the score,and I remained not out with my partner for the innings to put up a satisfactory and with the help of bowlers we started the tournament with a win.

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Team members appreciated my performance and made me opener for next match so that I could regulate the strike and be in pitch for as long as possible to make up a good total. And I was successful in doing the same remaining not out like the last match.The team now had great confidence over me along with few a bowlers who had also shown tremendous performance.

Next was the semi-final and we all were tensed because the match was with the most powerful team of the tournament. Same plan in batting order with the lots of pressure and fear of opponents,as they had strong bowling attack as well as batting order.

I was patient of stomach problem and often suffered from loose motions and the misfortune happened one night before the semi-finals also.As a result I had to take medicines and home remedies to be ok but, the condition remain the same next morning. I had to play at any cost,so with pills in my stomach I went to the field which made me troubled during the match.

With the blessings of God I did very well on the match as I scored very well in average balls which strengthened our team score.With our good team co-ordination we won  the semi-final and celebrated whole day.

Mechanical Cricket Team

Now remained the final peak to be conquered after two days.Lots of planning and practice was done for the preparation of the finals.Unfortunately in the finals I was runout due to my strikers’ mistake,still we won the match with a huge difference and became the toughest team.After a two day celebration all went back to normal.

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Although I performed well in the tournament, the mishap in the final match,didn’t leave me satisfied,and I waited for another chance to prove myself.

Next year (2013) tournament had not held due to a fight between the 2nd and 3rd year students fight few months back.

The following year(2014) we mechanical students faced a serious problem as seniors and juniors refused to play together as a team and instead,decided to make two teams from the department.Since the organizer permitted only one team per department in the tournament,it was decided that a  match between mechanical A (SENIORS) and mechanical B (JUNIORS),would be arranged with the winning college cricket team going to the tournament.

I never knew that the coming day would be the best day of my life.

We had to score of 116 runs in just 10 overs and we lost two strikers early on.I came 2nd down and with the last batsmen of our team started attacking.But after after two over I was the only striker remaining.

But that day my confidence allowed me to be on the top of my game,and I constantly hit boundaries,also hitting the winning four.That day, I scored 56 runs in just 5.5 overs.

The best moment of pride was when all the student viewers of the match ran towards the pitch and pulled me up cheering.Every student present on the ground that time shook hands with me and appreciated my performance along with both umpires who were our hostel wardens.This is what I earned from my talent even if it was after two years.


Words for motivation-

“If you are passionate about something give it your all.

Opportunities and success would follow automatically.”

Rajeev Patel


Thank you.

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