Beating All Odds – Rajshree Singh

Beating All Odds – Rajshree Singh

November 1, 2016 1 By Rajshree Singh

Hello everyone! I am Rajshree who recently completed my Masters in Biotechnology from AIB, Noida. Well when I was asked to share an inspirational incident from my life I spared no effort to walk down the memory lane to find a decent one. I don’t know if it would instill an inspiration in you guys but this one is close to my heart.

During the first year of my time in graduation in Amity I started to experience agonizing health issues out of the blue. I had been an athlete in my school days and so was very fond of the event Sangathan. But unfortunately I could not participate in the same because of the problems that I faced as the consequences. In the final year of my Graduation I decided to live my last year in this college to the fullest. As a result of which I gave trials for all the outdoor sport events available in the Women category.


“Sangathan will always be a phase for me”. A phase that not only made me realize how well I can fight the odds and triumph but also gave me moments to treasure for life. “It gave me friends who stand like pillars in my life.” (Special mention- Sakshi, Apoorva, Siddhant, Bhuvnesh and Nitin) The time in which I wasn’t allowed to go in the sun as advised by the Physician, I used to stay in the sun throughout the day with my Sangathan family. This time made me feel strong to push my limits and have the best time of my life.



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Exertion used to worsen my condition but the passion for playing games drove me crazy enough to forget that… Lol !! I had seen people freaking out witnessing my condition at times where I couldn’t control my situation but when you see people loving you so much you forget your pain.


To be honest I joined Amity again only because of the time I had during Sangathan and for my friends who were still continuing with their courses back then. I still face the problems but looking back to that time I have the happiest smile. It wasn’t easy but I could make it a cake walk because of the love that I have for sports and my friends. That is what is my story. “I love my people. And I know people who exist in my life would relate to this.”


Trust me, all of it resides in you, gain or pain, win or loss. Whatever your life has in store for you cherish it because even the bad times can give you bigger smiles. And above all, always follow your heart and it will make your life worthy beyond imagination.

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