You Do Know Where The Right Lessons Are! – Archana Saini

You Do Know Where The Right Lessons Are! – Archana Saini

September 19, 2017 3 By Archana Saini

How am I dealing with life right now? How would that matter to you, right?

How I wake up in the morning, smudged eyes or a drooling mouth? Does that even count?

But, the birds and the squirrels that wake you up in the morning, chirping; the dog whose whimpers you are so accustomed to, make you feel churns in your stomach or don’t they?


Don’t their eyes that always seem watery make you feel sympathetic and compassionate  towards the kind? The voiceless kind?


It took me all these years of life to believe and acknowledge how not everybody feels what I feel or say a certain class of people feel towards these normed Voiceless species.

20 years to comprehend and to do away with the misconception of people being kind towards the Kind because reality seems absolutely and coherently contradictory.

It was in the month of July this year that I came across five instances of animal abuse in a row of 3 continuous days. Yes, ‘animal abuse’ is what I am talking about.

‘Abuse’, well yes, you read it right.


We have come so far in our lives that we hardly have time to reflect upon things that should actually be looked after. We believe what we see because realisation always needs time and well, who has time? We are running after immaterial things, hardly caring about things that are not concerned with us.

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But, the instances I came across, really made me stop and give a thought as to why certain people behave or react in a particularly comprehensive manner and go against the very basic nature of human beings.

Overwhelmed and choked with what I saw and regretting how I belong to this upper stratum of the Society and the serried Homo Sapiens, I really had to stop that day, reflecting upon as to why would or should we turn so inhumane towards someone who doesn’t even have a say in this world? As to why my fellow beings would turn so hostile and inconsiderate towards their own pets, forget about treating the strays right?

The numerous news articles depicting animals being mistreated and all the media revolts taking place, talking about animals’ rights, Jallikattu being banned -are they actually helping us out? Is this the exact solution we intend to seek while talking about animal protection or is this even the absolute question we are dealing with?

Isnt the problem more about bridging the gap between us as humans and them as the Kind?

What my personal experiences of how people look towards it astonishes me because truly, it isn’t that we as a society do not realise what animal rights is about, it is more about how we intend to bridge that gap between them and us.

So, this last incident that I am talking about actually made me realise the reason why that 10 or 12 year old boy was thrashing the adorable stray paw –paw wasn’t because he didn’t know the pain the dog was going through but because his mother standing beside him and laughing it out, made him think that it was a kind of  fun activity. It wasnt that his mother, well educated, did not know what animal rights and animal protection laws are about. She let it happen because she felt that was how things operated and how they were to be treated, no matter what the law and her morals spoke.

Of course, that is what we have been inculcating  since our childhood and that is exactly what we intend to teach our younger generations. But, in the whack of it, we forget to realise how significant their lives are to us and to our existence.

I remember pulling the notorious kid back that day, not saying a word to him because a piece of Gyaan isn’t what he needed. I remember cancelling my flight way back to home and caressing the wounds of the dog trying to keep away the flies from sticking it, unless the local police came to our rescue. Oh, local police because at a height of 1330 metres from the land, you cant expect a decent Vet. I remember sitting there with the dog, waiting for the local aid for 5 long hours(you do know how the administration of our country works) and I remember leaving the place with content in my heart. I remember making difference to somebody’s life and making peace to somebody’s ego.

So yes, I did come back home that day but leaving a piece of my heart there wondering if the dog would be alright or not, if other 10 year olds would still thrash it mercilessly in the awe of their parents.

I don’t think I could have done that if I didn’t realize      where the actual problem persisted. I don’t think people do that on a purpose, just that they think that is HOW THINGS OPERATE IN THE REAL WORLD. I don’t think this makes me much of an ANIMAL SAVIOUR but yes, it does and it would always make me believe in the person I am.

Yes, my parents made me what I am . Yes, they helped me bridge this gap between us and the Kind. So, you do know where the right lessons are!


Archana Saini

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