From videos to clicks- A journey of changing visions – Ritam Talukdar

From videos to clicks- A journey of changing visions – Ritam Talukdar

December 4, 2016 0 By Ritam Talukdar

Hello friends this is Ritam Talukdar but my Facebook name is Rit Gen Tar. It just started as an experiment but later on remained the same. Hope this helps you all in finding me in real time. As of now I am developing myself as a visual story teller and have done some short photojournalism projects regarding the condition of common men. I am basically from the City of Joy but presently working in Pune as a content writer.

From the very childhood I always had a bad habit of fidgeting with my father’s favorite Yashica film camera. I was always going around clicking with this small gadget. As I remember, most of the trips that we made during that time in the early 2000’s were clicked by me. And my dad never used to scold me even though I wasted a bunch of flicks inside a film. It was costly at that time and I can understand that now.



I did my graduation in Legal Studies from Orissa, which was almost a five hours train ride from Kolkata. This was the first time when I left home, so I had a lot of bad and good experiences living outside. I made some good friends and soon we discovered a common taste for music. It was a time when we decided we should create some of our own. Occasional jamming sessions often included covering songs of the classic rock bands of the 80’s and we put our best in it. And soon we found ourselves from the green room to a professional stage. We rocked the time till we lasted, and did quite a number of shows. But soon, the five years came to an abrupt end.

It was in 2013, when I decided to pursue my MBA in Film Studies and Media and came to Pune. During this time along with Milind Srivastava, an ISB&M student I founded my own Production House. But registration of the house didn’t concern us; instead we were worried about the gadgets. Along with the learning procedure in classes we were slowly utilizing every detail that we could think of in terms of film making and writing scripts. During the first year of my Post Grad life I had no camera, and it was a tough time. Still, we made three to four short films during this time.


In 2014 I got the chance to make three corporate documentary short films for NABARD regarding their project on rural development. We went to Rajasthan, Haryana and Rohtak and this was the very first time when we had to research before going into the fields. We had to talk with the District Development Managers of those areas regarding each and every project we were given responsibility of.  We made new contacts, and we had to work as a group in every single occasion from the very stage of pre-production to the post production stage. After three months of hard work and more than 200 GB footage of videos we successfully created three short movies as a part of the assignment. We were successful.


It was in 2015 when I got my first camera. Back in my hometown, I started working as a photographer. It was a huge change of role. My role became more difficult. What we used to show in a flick must be captured in a single click. The mode of storytelling underwent a rapid change.  I met Argha Sikder, another great wedding photographer in Kolkata who happened to be a good friend of mine. We started discussing concepts of photography. I still remember that most of the times, when I had no work I used to stay in his house only or shooting in the streets. Along with the works of Henri Cartier, I started watching the works of certain documentary photographers like Josef Koudelka, Robert Capa, Robert Delpire and many others. Magnum became a body of guidance to me. I still read it every single day. I started carrying my camera everywhere. I started participating in all of the photo walks. And that’s when I met another good photographer friend of mine, Varun Mishra. He helped me a lot in the streets. And we became the support pillar for each other. My first photo walk was in College Street Area in Kolkata which was also known as the Book Market of the cultural state. As I started walking the streets I started to follow the satirical, anthropological works of Martin Perr. This was the first time when in 2016 I did my first three day short photo project on the Artisans of Kumartuli, Kolkata. It was a dedicated work and I tried to put my best into it drawing the cultural assimilation of the Saraswati Puja of the Bengali tradition along with the world wide celebration of the Valentine’s Day through the condition of the sleep deprived workers.

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This work got published in the Edge of Humanity Magazine, UK and In the same year, I wrote three articles consecutively for Youthzone and two more for The Edge of Humanity Magazine, UK. Some of my articles mainly deal with the condition of the common people living in the streets, and with the issues regarding the condition of the present heritage compounds situated in Pune along with some of the personal feelings that I manage to draw, being present there. After two years of life in Pune, at present I am thinking of creating a photo book, based on the topic “Struggle”. At present I am working on that idea which I am planning to bring out around March 2017.

My project mainly deals with finding the personalities lost in thoughts with themselves. Though I never asked them about their thoughts, but the age old sediment of crevasses that got created in their physical resemblance, say a lot about the phase, they are going through.

Though it is a personal project, related to my consciousness, I often feel that the more you spend time with yourself, the more you get to judge your activities. Because the way you know yourself and the way you perceive yourself, brings your emotions out, to be judged and apprehended in some other way.


Apart from that I still write scripts, accept collaborations to work on a common photo project and yes like a common man I am also a working guy. I have been working as a content writer and a product photographer for quite a long time.

Thank you

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