Fighting for a Change-Richa Bose

Fighting for a Change-Richa Bose

June 25, 2016 0 By Richa Bose

This story revolves around my Grandfather,at whose place I was brought up and who was an inspiration for me.

‘Where there is a will there is a way.’ This is what he demonstrated to me.

From the Past 20 years he was a chain smoker and even used to smoke weed.The addiction was so ,that before one cigarette was burnt off,the second one was already lit.

When I was young I used to see him making rolls. Being a child I used to copy him from a distance.Once I got caught making rolls;though using chocolates. When he asked what I was doing ,I replied-“I am making rolls like you. You use grass and I am using chocolate.”

This incident some how touched him. Seeing the one whom he loves a lot  going on the wrong path ,he decided to fight his addiction. 20 years of chain smoking he left,which I am still proud.It was not an easy fight though as it took about 1 year to completely quit it,as much as I remember.
But it was very late and,because of smoking many problems had arose and he left us in 2013.
Today I am 22 and I am determined to make my friends understand how bad smoking is and what all happens to those who are chain smokers at this age. Though a difficult task,I have seen some success.


There is a friend of mine who was a chain smoker….
I used to scold him not to smoke but,he never used to listen.So I took a promise from him that he will not smoke in college premises,or when he is with me.
Our college used to start from 9 am ,and he used to come to college by 8am and used to be with me till 8pm,the period in which he didn’t smoke.After this it would be another hour till he reached his room on his bike.Initially he smoked one to two cigarettes,but after a month he ended up completely quitting it.He is no longer a smoker.

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Another friend of mine used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes daily,and since he was older than me,the scolding tactic couldn’t work work with him.So I suggested that he should leave slowly.If today he smoked 40 then next day 36,and so on. I used to have an eye on him whether he followed it or not,and it took an year approx for to get rid of his addiction.

Even if  I see anyone on his or her starting phase of smoking and they say its for fun,I break their cigarette after that I can handle their words and shouts and all.

Right now I am working on my father.He is an addict of gutka.Whenever he is eating infromt of me I either ask him to share it with me,or go full on emotional blackmail mode or just throw it away or ask the shopkeeper not to give him and pull him away.


This is all due to my grandfather,how he showed me great determination and will power, and proved that where there is a will there is always a way.

Thank you.

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