The Uniqueness in you – Aishik Chakraborty

The Uniqueness in you – Aishik Chakraborty

August 18, 2017 0 By Aishik Chakraborty

   People tend to be inspired more by guys they know and their comparatively smaller success rather than the famous guys with big achievements that they don’t know personally,as they can relate to the former.

I have two best friends, Abhishek lives in NCR and Sarthak moved to Bangalore in 2012 but we keep contact through phone. I met both of them in 8th standard. Back then, it was all fun as we had no worries about the future, we spent our days talking about our school crushes, latest video games and things any 13 year old would usually talk about. But as we slowly started growing up we knew our days of carefreeness were numbered and getting scarcer with each passing moment. Before we knew it, we were appearing for boards but thankfully each of us landed somewhere decent. We had big dreams and hopes from college and thought of doing something we had never done before.

Sarthak’s college started the earliest amongst us three and he was an instant sensation in his college. Everybody knew him and approached him, he was in the Toastmasters’ and MC team and was being heavily appreciated by his peers, seniors, professors and mentors. His popularity painted an even bigger picture for me about college, I wanted that fame but I didn’t consider the fact that every University has an atmosphere of its own, I blindly followed his tips which did make me likeable among my classmates but the ambience of DU was a lot more different than his college, I joined the Dramatics society of my college, something which I had been planning since school, but not many people knew me. Here, nobody bothered much about which society you joined or which NGO you worked for. I felt a little helpless.

The last one to get admitted was Abhishek and just a few months after joining he opened a startup relating to fashion by which time Sarthak was already successfully running his own startup in Bangalore and had a core team of 8 people and 11 interns. I looked with awe at both of them. They were my best friends and it felt like they had moved miles ahead of me and I somehow was still struggling to get the perfect dialogue delivery for my character. It wasn’t envy, far from envy, I was proud to call them my best friends and I felt the sudden urge to take myself to the next level so that I can stand shoulder to shoulder with them. But DU Theatre Societies take up your entire day and leave you too exhausted to even try to think of doing something else. Their success in their respective fields inspired me so much that I began trying out new activities but naturally failed as I had all my energy was drained in theatre.

A few weeks later I saw one of my juniors starting a YouTube channel where he made song covers, I congratulated him and the consequent success of his channel made me again think of my self-worth, this was a new wave of inspiration but once again I was too involved in theatre to try anything else. Time and again, I kept meeting people from college and other places who were doing something to improve themselves; there were of course people who did nothing at all, and it was only during these times when I found solace as I was at least doing something and trying to get better at it.

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My most recent hit of inspiration came when I met two of my close school seniors and two other batch mates who had gotten a job and gotten a scholarship in the US respectively. I was so happy for them but this moment was almost depressing until they said something which made me re-think my entire year. “How is Theater going, Aishik? We keep seeing your pictures all the time. They’re so cool. You’re doing so well these days.”

They’re cool? I thought. But that’s nothing. Theater had been a part of my daily routine after school, was I really doing that well? I realized what they’re doing is cool to me and vice versa. VICE VERSA. It had been the reverse from day one. I was getting motivated and inspired from different people and I was also the one who was inspiring someone else. However small my success rate was, it did have an impact on the people who knew well.

I started recalling all the messages and calls I had received throughout the year regarding my activities, congratulating me and telling me that my life is amazing, that they wish they were living my life, about how much I had changed positively as a person. It was only then when I realized what I had been dong the entire year. It indeed was a relief. So I can pretty much say that we get tend to be inspired more by guys who we know and their comparatively smaller success rather than the famous guys with big achievements that we don’t know personally as we can relate to the former.

Thank you.

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