The Outsider – Rishabh Chopra

The Outsider – Rishabh Chopra

July 24, 2017 Off By Ankita Biswas

I come from small town named Sirsa, in Haryana.
Schools there aren’t good as they are in these big metro cities like Delhi. There aren’t many opportunities available to individuals to hone their specific skills and talents, simply because there isn’t an environment that allows for those skills to develop and people do not consider them as important. But my parents always encouraged me to utilize each and every opportunity that came across, however small it be, be it in case of public speaking, whether be it a fancy dress competition or a story telling or a elocution, I was up there, participating in it.


There weren’t any debates. I just did one horrible debate, while I was in school, quite unlike what people get to do in Delhi. I didn’t know the A of argumentation or D of debating because clearly speech and debate are two different things. The only notion of debating I had in mind was to be confident, loud and dominating.
Then came college, somehow, by sheer luck I feel, I got into the Debating Society of my college in my first year. I didn’t win any competition in my first year, I blamed judges for it, that they were partial, I felt, what I do is the only way to do it.
But through the course of time, I somehow, by attending multiple events, doing different formats, waiting for the competition to get over  to just have that one line of feedback from other participants and judges, watching each one speak, I improved. It all seemed a waste of time at that moment to talk to people and stuff, I could have gone after I was done with mine. But sticking just helped, in a big way.
And what more, winnings did come.

In my 3rd year, I became the president of Debsoc, made it recognizable on a university platform in a format in which nobody knew us. We didn’t win any competition in parliamentary debating, but just to participate in every fucking event, developing interest for it in my college, was a big thing.
In a space where people come to the society having had multiple experience in debating at school level , having an experience of a dozen MUN’s, it was really big when I was announced as president .

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Long , hard processes may be boring , in fact will be most of the times, but they are the only way to make it big. The idea is to stick to the task, I don’t think you will achieve success all the time, but the fact is you  can achieve it. But if you back down, you definitely “won’t achieve it”.


Rishabh Chopra

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