The musical Story – Mansi Balhara

The musical Story – Mansi Balhara

March 15, 2016 0 By admin
Hi!! My name is Mansi Balhara.
The story belongs to the time when I started learning classical music vocal.
At that time I was not interested in Bollywood music but classical .
I had a talent hunt in my school in every field ,be it art, dance, instrumental or singing .
Me and a friend of mine( who also used to learn classical music from my sir only) went for the singing talent hunt with our ragas ready . When our turn came , our principal asked us to sing something different from classical genre.. Luckily my friend used to listen to  Bollywood music but I didn’t .We got 15 mins time to prepare for our Bollywood songs .She succeeded to prepare but it was little difficult for me .I took lyrics from one of my friends and somehow managed to sing .I forgot some lyrics also while singing .But my friend sang it well.She stood 2nd that year in singing and I was nowhere to be ranked.

 Singing is for Everyone.Learn how to start with it here.Mansi Balhara

But when the same program was organised next year , I went in with full preparation; melodious songs and all.
I sang those songs, cleared 2 rounds( which was just one earlier) and stood first in seniors and that friend stood 2nd Even my brother stood first in juniors in singing only.
“With this experience  I realized that hardwork is the most important thing to 
achieve whatever you want to.”
Mansi Balhara
Thank you.
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