The first ride – Ayushi Sinha

The first ride – Ayushi Sinha

March 28, 2016 0 By admin

“The First Ride”

It was the soon after my class XII board exams when my father bought me a Scooty. Not a new one but it was new for me though! Holding the key in my hand, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t have to call my brother or father to pick and drop me to places anymore. I still remember that feeling of independence. Riding a Scooty felt just like riding a bicycle except for the part that there were no pedals. It was easy yet a little heavy.

In a few days, I learned to ride and balance it well. But, there were few voices that convinced my mother not to let me pull out on the road. The reasons included definition of the cruel society, sayings that there will be buses on road, people’s rash driving skills etc etc. I listened to her and did not ride it until i reached my second year of my college.

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Ayushi Sinha Khiski Khopadi

The First Ride 🙂

It was one day that I decided to take the scooty to college. Kya hua jo thodi chot hi lag jayegi! Gir- gir ke to seekhta hai insaan! My mother had already left for office so she didn’t know! As I cleaned my scooty, my father and my brother wished me a good luck and gave me certain tips to keep in mind. Gathering all the courage, I pulled out the scooty on the road. Attentively, kept an eye on all the vehicles moving behind and on the side, remembering my brother’s words and paying special attention to the indicators, I reached college safely. Then I quickly parked my scooty, picked up the phone and called my brother so they could breathe a sigh of relief! Later that evening when I told my mother, she was shocked at first and then gave me a pat on the back.

Moral : All you have to do is believe in yourself, gather all the courage, stand up and start moving in that direction! Prepare yourself to face the challenges because nothing worth comes easy!

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