The Elusive Semester – Shashank Chandra

The Elusive Semester – Shashank Chandra

June 13, 2017 0 By Shashank Chandra


That was the first word I uttered after I saw my result of Seventh Semester.

We had 9 subjects in this semester and I got backlogs in all 9 of them.I was dumbstruck and had no clue of what my immediate future steps would be. I was cursing myself but stopped midway,thinking how many times would I  curse myself for the same mistake.

I was an average or rather below average student who was pursuing his bachelors of Civil Engineering in Sharda University. I already had five backlogs from previous semesters,and this result completely fucked me up. Pondering over if I should  drop out ,I packed my stuffs and left my nest.

I had a waiting-list train ticket booked for my hometown  for the coming day which was to be confirmed by a friend of mine. It was not like, I worried  much for my graduation. In fact I was motivated about a railway tender which was to be awarded to me. Only  few formalities remained and we were planning to commence work in the upcoming weeks..

I was about to leave for New Delhi railway station, when  I checked my PNR status and found out that the ticket was still in waiting list. Another shitty situation,I thought to myself. What the hell was going with me? I was completely frustrated, when my phone rang.

“Haan Baba, Kaha tak pahunche?”

“Yaar!  My ticket is not confirmed and I’m drinking water to help cool me down”

“Since, you are finally going, why don’t you come over for a few more days.Just for one or two days.”

With no fixed future proceeding,I thought I  would book another ticket for the day after tomorrow.

Around 9 PM I reached at my adda for the very last time and I was smelling something weird in atmosphere.In fact those were bad vibes of leaving this place. I blamed it to the bad phase i thought I was going through . However, upon entering in the room,I found all of my friends,or one can say good friends we waiting for me.

One of them said “We only asked Tarun to not to confirm your ticket.”

Really!!!!  But why?

Because we all decided to have a serious talk with you,but only if you want..

I was standing numb and they were all are sitting on a bed in front of me , Shashank, Shivanshu, Nitin were on bed and Suyash was sitting on the table.

Shivanshu: What do you wanna do in your life?

Me: What type of question is this?I have already planned for my future work and it will start in a few days.

Shashank: In short you just want to stay 12th passed?

Me: Nope, I will do something for my graduation.

Shivanshu: And Engineering?

Me: Yaar!! Mann to tha par meri harkatein is pe bhaari pad gayi.

Suyash: Don’t worry baba, life gives a second chance to everyone. What if you didn’t do your engineering, I know you would do better at your work. But only if, you take this as another chance. Another thing is that you have not paid your final year fees yet, if you are thinking for eighth semester then it is next to impossible for you. You will get year back and it is a waste of time and money also.

I didn’t reply to Suyash, but gave a thought to his suggestion.

Shashank, Shivanshu: yaar Suyash please shut your  mouth.

Nitin: I know baba very well, let him think first.

Suyash: Ok as you wish.But Baba you must think on my suggestion, and rest is upon you.

Me: I will go for it.

Shashank: That’s the reply I was expecting from you. Now I will tell you how you can clear your Engineering. And I know you will do it.You have got the potential. Suyash give me pen and a notebook.

Till that date I never  knew the basics of CGPA or the TGPA calculations.After an hour and a half of standing,sitting and calculation ,the result was that I required a minimum 6.8 TGPA to save a year back. It was really next to impossible for me because the best I ever got was  5 TGPA and there was no semester which went without less than one backlogs.

Shashank: Look! Any how you have to save backlogs in this semester and you’ll have to pass in a minimum of three subjects in the special papers.  5.5 in this semester and 1.3 in special paper. But don’t think it is a piece of cake. The only thing you have to do is “ Study like you will never study again”. It’s not about fee and time; you have to prove  to yourself that you are not a quitter. It won’t be a loss if you failed, but if you pass this then this would be a life time achievement for you.

Me: Yes!! I will get the degree.

Another friend of mine, Randheer entered the room,joining the conversation.

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Randheer: Are Baba when you came you didn’t call me? I was waiting for your call. Actually, yesterday when you left we all discussed about you.

Nitin: Baba accepted the challenge.

Randheer : I knew that.

Me: Bhai ab to jo hoga dekha jaayega.

That semester was really great for all of us. It was not like we  only studied.Infact we did all good and bad things to their maximum. All I had to do  was keep myself safe from short attendance. I  regularly checked my number of classes.

I scored better in  that mid-term, but it still wasn’t inl accordance with my target.But my confidence remained undaunted and I became more  focused on my target.

I had to submit all assignments on time. I was not in a situation to take any risk. And as per my plan everything was going good. It was the only semester in which I had attended the classes seriously and regularly.  Not only classes, presentations and assignments were also submitted on time.

Not only me, everyone in my friend circle was somewhat serious in that semester. We studied at our flat too, but it was rather tough for me because it was my first time studying with diligence.This end term examination was the only examination I gave with the confidence of passing.

After examination we returned to our respective hometowns. For every one that semester was like all other but in my case, things were different. I had lots of pressure. I had to prove my worth to myself and the result was going to show me who I was . Lots of questions were running in my mind like what if I didn’t score well?  I put all my efforts into this, not only examination but I had done all of the things quite honestly in this semester.  

The anxiety of these results surpassed even the wait for my 10th and 12th results.  Days were passing slowly,and one day Randheer.

“Baba !! Results are out.”

I was thunderstrucked. After few seconds I asked “Did you see my result?”

Yes!! And man you rocked!! You scored 7.00 TGPA

Are you mad?? I mean I am in no mood of any prank. Okay, let me check it first.

I disconnected the call and checked my result. My eyes were filled with tears. In my whole academic career I had never scored that much of marks. 

And That is my Enginnering Story.

Once you set your mind and focus onto something and want something with all your wit,will and honesty there is no power in the universe that you can stop you from having it.


Thank you.

Shashank Chandra

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