Talent is a Lie – Prachetas Patel

Talent is a Lie – Prachetas Patel

September 17, 2017 0 By Prachetas Patel
An ideal state is said to be hypothetical. It cannot be attained. So when people tell you not to be an idealist, that it is impossible to have world peace, it is impossible to save the environment etc. Yeah, they are kinda right. An ideal state is impossible. But that doesn’t mean we should stop striving for it. Even gases try to follow the ideal gas equation according to the temperature and pressure provided. If it doesn’t stop them, (even if this analogy is poor) why should we? Why should we give up? Why should we give up on our dreams, or on our friends, or on our family, or on our nation. The motto is to keep striving. Yes, we will never reach the ideal or perfect career or relationship or skill, but at least we would be closer that we ever could have imagined to be. And yet we try, rather we should try. If the person to your right doesn’t believe in it, let them. Believe in yourself and the people who made you what you are. Good or bad they people in your life shaped you to be what you are right now and be proud of it. Keep striving. And keep inspiring others.


Nobody is perfect. Heck, nobody is half decent at most things. And that’s okay, it is what we are. And we are awesome. We are a canvas on which we draw whatever we can desire. Each person is different, a different sized canvas, a different genre of paintings, some have colour others have abstract lines, and that is what makes you beautiful.

Throughout my school life I have been a social introvert, awkward during conversations and my body language was no help either. Whether it was the isolation during my childhood that caused it or the traumatic memories I don’t know. I was told, what my worth was, practically I was a joke, I was weak and was I was bullied. I was constantly scared of the people I met. And naturally it never occurred to me if I was actually worth something good, and I never tried to find out because I already knew the answer before even trying. I was not be a brilliant student, or great at art, or have a musical prowess, or be physically strong, or an orator or a leader. I was nothing, because society told me I was nothing.

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But that was soon to change, for some cynical reason, I still believed in myself, the reasoning was: “I am alive, which means God intended my existence and thus he has something planned for me.” looking back at that time, being a 11 year old kid only that thought kept me going. Soon I would find that I was capable of doing things that were not that special but would give me hope. The fact that I could copy a drawing with ease, or hear a song and play it on the keyboard with little practice, yes I did study music for 3 years, but I nearly passed in the exams. This revelation came afterwards when I was fed up and just trying to find what my “talent” was. Surely there were those who were leagues ahead of me, which caused me to think “what’s the point, if she/he is already good at it why should I even try it’ll take years to catch up” and that’s what held me back for years and years. Finally in my second semester of college, I read a simple quote from the great Bob Ross, “talent is a lie”. For some reason that line resonated with me. The answer was right there, if you aren’t born with a gift, doesn’t mean you can’t have it. It was quite hard at first to get out of my shell, to get out of my comfort zone, to talk to people, to laugh, to make conversation, such little things that would send shivers down my spine.


After a crash course of experiences that I should have had years ago. I was finally ready to get out of the classroom. Yup, my goal bad been completed, to get acquainted with everyone in my class and even made a few friends. But outside was a completely different world. It was more of everything, more people, more experiences. The short version would be: lying to a head of a club, grossly over-estimating my own self, working full nights to reach those expectations, forcing myself to be good at something I had no experience in, then be actually good at it (so good that it landed me a job), breaking hearts, mending hearts, getting to a position I was truly grateful for, getting braver, breaking more ice, getting recognized by people, joining more clubs, going to the gym and undergoing a physical transformation that I thought was impossible just a few months ago, trying my hand at acting?!, falling in love, getting to two more positions, one I was preparing for other I was not expecting, putting my trust in the wrong people, getting betrayed, losing friends and family, gaining new friends and family, and finally people telling me that they found me inspiring. I helped. I did something that affected people in a positive manner. I did good.

All of this just because I believed that talent is a lie. One decision shaped my roller-coaster of a life. During this journey, I made mistakes, no doubt. I sowed the seeds of envy, misconception and sorrow. I lost people that I held dear to my heart. I love them still. I do. On the other hand, I gained so much. Just like when I went from playing simple notes on the keyboard to playing symphonies, I went from a kid who had no hope in himself to one to inspire another kid.

It’s a journey, and I’m still treading, still striving. I will never give up and I’ll never give up on you. 

Prachetas Patel

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