Singing, not just an art but passion – Pratyush Verma

Singing, not just an art but passion – Pratyush Verma

January 8, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks
 Motivation, inspiration, success, positivity and belief. My very five major aspects for becoming your very best version.
People usually tend to fall by their failures but most of the times that failure occurs due to negativity. I don’t know WHY?? They should know there is no word like failure, its only a procrastination of success. Every thing has two paths and it’s up to us what path we follow. Inspiration can come from small things to big things, it’s just when the person gets the click of it. Talking about me
I am Pratyush Verma, B.Tech second year student; a singer more than an engineer. I know that failure is very important part of life as I believe if I never fail I will never learn something. Failure is the stepping stone towards success.
My dad is  best example suited for this. My dad is a hero for me, the way he has come out of poor life makes him my inspiration and an idol for me. I always think that we should be better than yesterday. Each and every time I think of this I get the energy I need to fight, to wake, and to work.
Belief in yourself always no matter what people say. In today’s world people don’t like to see their fellows success they want to pull you down to the debris you resided in. Never doubt your confidence, it is much threatening than failure. Doubt is a very bad symptom of lack of confidence.
I want to be a singer but my dad wants me to be an IAS office. And I wish I could be both but I can’t so I keep myself motivated as I would want to be a singer. I want to make him proud. My life would be a successful one if my dad one day says “Son, I’m proud of you”. On that day I would know that I have achieved something in life and will create chances of success for others. Remember you have to work for it and own it, nobody is gonna be there for you it’s just how badly you need it.

Pratyush Verma



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