Reciting my way to the top – Bhuvnesh Malhotra

Reciting my way to the top – Bhuvnesh Malhotra

January 23, 2016 12 By admin

I am Bhuvnesh Malhotra a student of Amity institute of biotechnology .

I have been into sports since school time and when I joined college I went for auditions for the basketball team.
There I met a senior Lamesh who said,to give  auditions for the dramatics club.
So I gave audition for both clubs ‘Theators’ -which did theater in english and ‘Manthan’- which did street and theatre plays in Hinglish.

Mera bhi faida tha I got attendance for the classes I missed,for the audition and got selected for both the clubs.
I didn’t intend to join any of the clubs didn’t go for theators meeting and when there was meeting for Manthan the same senior Lamesh approached me and asked me to attend the meeting.
Being a Fresher i didn’t had any option and went for the meeting and I loved the club.The seniors all were very supporting despite my stammering (sometimes).
They gave me a dialogue “Pakdo isse ye chor h”  which I couldn’t say with the desired expression and after 1 hour of practice of that dialogue that role was done by a senior.

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Similarly I was given many roles but couldn’t deliver it so I was basically involved in formations for street plays
During a formation I had to say a dialogue and I fucked up that “chahe chai ki shop ho oh sorry dukaan ho ya pappu pan wala ”
But my seniors said it’s OK to fuck up.
I was into formations for around 6 months just sitting in the circle doing no roles just formations
I wrote a poem for a scene in the play and my seniors said you are gonna say it.
I requested my seniors that they recite the poem,mujhse naa hona,but they were persistent and had faith in me that I could deliver .

Manthan AIB
They said that win or loose,doesn’t matter tujhe hi bolni h poem kuch hua toh we will cover up the mistake, chill.
So for the first time 1 got to say the poem in MAMC college and jab I finished the poem the audience clapped for me.It was a very special moment for me,cause earlier I fucked up even a one line dialogue (pappu pan wala )
And from that day there is no looking back .
Fast forward to today,ab toh 1-1 page ke dialogue bhi bol leta hoon with expressions,and I am writing this as a head of the Dramatics Club.

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Bhuvnesh Malhotra Manthan

Act to express..not to impress.. Jai hind

Cheers to your goals.

Work for them,And you shall achieve.

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