Portrait of Right and Wrong in the real life- Williams Butch

Portrait of Right and Wrong in the real life- Williams Butch

September 23, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

Yin Yang – the right in the wrong and the wrong in the right. This symbol has proved to be the enlightenment of my life. I always felt what I was doing in my life was a right thing for me but reality was just the opposite; I was wrong. Sometimes in life what you feel is right for you might not be true.

I was never a type that took God seriously I was like an abandoned  school that had no principal. But,

People get religious when they start bleeding I have seen life come and go; I still remained.

I always strive to get what I want by all means. My art now makes me believe the reason why I am born black.

The biggest fear in life is death; a fate that no man can escape. I wasn’t scared, I was only scared to change because the debt we keep paying till we die is the food we eat every day and I felt if I change, I won’t survive. I used to have little money back then and I had no peace, value, and regard of any sorts. So I decided it was time I change myself because I was wasting my life.

I used to be a drug addict and had a gang. What we did was: oppress young people. We felt superior and used to threaten them and collect their property. With the money  collected we bought drugs. I loved marijuana so much that whenever I was angry, marijuana was the only thing that calmed me down or whenever I wanted to think.

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Something happened one day, we were in my friend’s balcony smoking; when the police came, they arrested us, went to court and released us. One of the police men was a junior to me in college. This struck me and my head screamed to me My junior now was at a better position than me just because of my bad behavior.

So, I left where I used to stay which was a small condo in the back of my parents’ home. Separated totally from my cliques whenever I was checked up on I would ask my younger brother to tell them I was out. After that incident I started reading some books I remember once reading Ben Carson books and few others but that time I was still smoking marijuana. I tried stopping several times but it didn’t work out until I made a vow to myself to smoke only once a week and that helped me to finally get it over with.

Life is like a wave only the dead fishes go with the flow and I never wanted to go with the flow.

I realized there is no gain in leaving wrong I decided to stop because I had no motives so I applied for a job and was lucky as I wrote earlier I always got what I wanted. I started working and earning, started leaving right. From my experience leaving right is easier than wrong. Step by step I left the bad thug life that was a mirage only for impressing others. Now I only try to impress my self. I now know leaving right pays off since I am doing fine.

Who knows?  I might have ended up in allred, baten, beto, or any other prison or even worse, my advice to everyone out there or I would conclude my experience with a quote better to say an observation.

Inside the bad there is good and inside the good there is bad the choice is yours So don’t think you are bad; Rise and Stand.


Williams Butch

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