From Pitch to Pitch – Mangesh Desai

From Pitch to Pitch – Mangesh Desai

April 20, 2016 0 By admin

I come from a family of engineers and doctors and more recently MBAs. So when I  informed my mother about my decision to quit my corporate job and take up football coaching as a profession.. She was wondering if I had lost the plot..over the years she has accepted it but I know she will never be over it…
Following the herd I took up engineering without really giving it a proper thought …as it is a acceptable thing to do if you get good grades in your high school in science and took me two years of working in a project sales job to realize it wasn’t my thing.


I hear people taking about finding their true calling… Problem was ..My phone wasn’t ringing..!

Having played football for my college and some prominent clubs in the Mumbai district league .. It was the one thing I would look forward to the most in my weekly schedule.. But considering a career in football was too far fetched.

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9 Jan 2008.. That’s the date. It was on an impulse that I decided to take up coaching football as a profession..sometimes that’s all that you need… After doing an extensive research on obtaining coaching badges and license ..I finally quit my sales job and applied for the C license…
I was rejected on my first application as I  did not have relevant playing experience…which I was partly to be blamed…

I always believed in my ability as a football person and never let go of it…Eight years since… now appearing for the A license ..and working with a professional team I would say it turned out quite well…

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