Maybe not ideal but content! – Shubhangi Shekhar

Maybe not ideal but content! – Shubhangi Shekhar

January 9, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

My memories might be vague about the time I wanna share, but its feeling is as precise as it should be. Me and my sister are twins. We were born in Delhi. After our birth it was very difficult for my mom to look after us both at the same time because she became really weak as it was a complicated surgery. So I was raised by my maternal grandparents in another city where they used to live, till I became 6. During those 6 years, my mom, dad and sister frequently visited me and whenever they used to come, I used to cling with my dad and I used to sleep and eat and play with him mostly. My grandparents were like angels whom I never wanted to leave as they fulfilled my every demand with a blink of an eye and loved me the most.



But I could not live with them always as my parents wanted to have me back because the sooner the better for adjustments. So I came to Delhi at the age of 6 after my grandparents left me here finally. I was admitted to the same school as my sister in class 1st. Now this was the time when I missed my grandparents a lot and I used to cry a lot , and not talk to anyone in this house except for my sister at times because we used to play and eat chocolates together.

Now as per the previous scenario, I should have been close to my dad like I was in those 6 years but that didn’t happen. I needed time to start this sort of life from a new beginning but he wanted me to behave in the same way I used to do before. He became kiddish because of me not talking to him and he forgot that I wasn’t talking to anybody and took it on himself precisely and was hurt. He tried a lot but I really needed time.


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Eventually when I became ready and started to talk again normally with my mom and everyone else, I realized that I had made dad really upset from the inside this whole time. So when we were about 10-12 years old, everything became perfectly fine with me fitting in nicely. But somehow that gap between me and my dad remained. That gap is something else. We don’t talk much. He’s a bald-headed person with few hairs near his ears, so my sister sits on his back and ties it with rubber band making tiny ponytails. I don’t do that. She demands unnecessarily from him. I don’t do that also. But I know that he loves me more as a sincere kid and now understands it.

But that gap of not being so friendly with him remains and its fine. I share a different bond with him! A stronger one!


Shubhangi Shekhar

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