Live big not long-Aditya Chatterjee

Live big not long-Aditya Chatterjee

September 24, 2016 0 By Aditya Chatterjee

It’s been more than 4 years in Noida now. I couldn’t believe that I could actually survive this long out here!
Being asked to leave the city you’ve been born and bred in, just at the time you wanted to fly, isn’t really the regular dream you’d live to see.
I left my home, my family, my friends right when everything was starting to get stable for me there.
I reached Noida, a whole new world, new people, new place to stay, and instead of being excited, I cried myself to sleep that night, the first night here.14408237_1177798018943160_890298194_o
I used to be on call for as long as possible. I made a few friends here, but nothing was like home.
Everything just seemed out of place, and when that hits you, you don’t feel like socializing. True, we are slave to our needs and to survive, we need to socialize.14423720_1177796832276612_779386566_o
I was considered a snob when I didn’t take the initiative to converse with anyone. I didn’t care, because frankly, I missed the people back at home.
Time went by, and I slowly started to find ground here, to put my foot in, to stand and not get withered. I didn’t cry myself to sleep anymore, but I did cry when I left home to come back here after every small vacation.
Fast forward to my final year, 2012-2016 has been a journey, where I’ve really discovered the person I am.
I had joined the AIB student body in my 1st year itself, got selected as a coordinator in my 3rd year, and then elected as Core in my 4th year. I’ve done it all, if you go by the popularity meter. On the academic front,I’ve seen several highs and lows, but I’ve managed to keep a significant score throughout.14453960_1177799388943023_391472423_o
On the most important personal front, I’ve come to know people through this Student Body and through a few other ways, who have become my backbone, the ones I fall back on. I’ve seen millions of highs and billions of lows. I’ve seen people change to conform to their need of attention.
The best part, I still don’t give a damn to what anybody thinks of me. The reason: What have you accomplished to criticize me?14459773_1177796798943282_967451242_n
There aren’t tears on my visits to home and back. Things have changed, people change. Nobody remains constant. Find the people who are worth staying with, who are worth sharing a part of your life with, without the expectation of having them life long. That’s when you can live to the fullest, and make memories that define you and everything to do!

Well, the only thing that I dream of in my life is to create a name that everyone would know, everyone would recognize. Not everything falls into place accordingly. All you need to do is wait, and that is what characterizes the person you are. Be patient, your time will come too!
That’s it!!!
Or, if you’re too impatient, chase it and make it right for yourself, because nobody is going to do it for you!


“What I want to say through this is that live each moment and live it big. There’s no point living long.”

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