Life and People – Anonymous

Life and People – Anonymous

July 29, 2017 0 By Anonymous

When I was a teenager (basically when we are emotionally unstable and think that our friends and love interest are life) had a group of friends. I really liked my group of friends and I always thought good about them and felt that they also wanted good for me. I had a special bond with one of my friend and considered her my best friend. I never used to do bad things, I was a good kid but I would lie to my parents for them, just to be with them, to hangout or provide her with my phone so she could talk to her boyfriend.

She turned out to be the meanest person and she was jealous of me just because she thought I was popular in school(which is not so true, people knew me but i didn’t interact with anyone because I had a really shy nature).That was the first regret I had in my life for trusting anyone beyond anything. After a while out of jealousy she started a rumor about me which led all my friends and other people in my class,to think that I was not a nice person. I started hating school and blamed myself for all of this. But after some time I got my senses and decided to let it go.

Sometime later I got into a relationship and I was really happy for the time, just to be cheated over by that guy for some girl who had a really bad reputation and they both decided to put all the blame on me for nothing. I was really heartbroken and started doing really poor in studies. My best friend of that time really helped me get out of the situation soon and to move on.

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 I decided to focus on what’s important and that was my studies. I got really good grades that helped me get into a good college. I left all the negativity behind me and started with a fresh energy in the new college. I made many good friends and had a really good time with them in college life. They always stayed by my side and helped me trust in people again.

I never thought of taking any revenge or thought bad for any of the people who chose to hurt me. I just focused on making myself better and to make wise choices. This helped me build my confidence although it broke my self esteem at one point. But I’m in a happy place now. After all this I had a good college, my best friend who stayed by my side and didn’t believe any of the rumor, new group of friends, amazing memories and none of them did any good to themselves. Karma did its thing, so believe in yourself and never lose trust in God. You’ll do good in the end.

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