Be Kind, Stay Grounded And Keep Growing – Jisha Madai

Be Kind, Stay Grounded And Keep Growing – Jisha Madai

January 12, 2018 1 By Illiterate Folks

2016. An year I could never erase off my memory. Even while I pen this down, my heart feels heavy. Super heavy! When you enter your 20’s, people always come up to you saying life would be tough hereafter. Well, I never took that seriously until I lost someone I loved. Or if it was really love? Things changed around all of a sudden and before I could even absorb or understand it, it was gone. My young 20-year-old heart-broken and I wasn’t ready for it. Guess no one actually is. Back then I chose to vent out all the pain and sufferings in the form of anger. Now when I look back it seems anger only adds on to your sufferings. It not only destroys your own mental peace but also of the people around. One of the greatest things I learnt after the end of my relationship.

During those days it felt like I was suddenly exposed to this not so ‘Kind’ world. I was constantly looking out for human support or love to help me get over things. The worst decision I took was to not seek help from my parents for the same. Maybe I was too ashamed or rather too scared to open up. Things fell apart furthermore and so did my mental health. I fell into depression on and off for over a year. Depression took a lot of me but it surely gave me more than what it had taken.


I wanted to get out of this dark place that my mind always pulled me into. Since humans were constantly pushing me back into it, I had to find a better way out. I’m so glad I chose nature as my means of escape.

I started going for treks and began spending more time in the silence of wilderness. A place where all the horrid voices in my head would just shut down. I started finding happiness in the little things that life could offer me in this not so luxurious setup.

I took trips to places unknown. All through my travel journey I came across so many like-minded individuals. All fighting their own battles. Each one taught me something new. Something I could treasure all my life. Now it seems that the world is not a bad place after all. You should know that there are people who would be kind enough to your sensitivity. Not only that but respect and LOVE YOU FOR THE SAME.


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I won’t say that I am the happiest person now, not every time. Although I wish that was possible 😀 I still have my days of black n blue. But now I know what thoughts and people are worth my time and attention. There are plenty of reasons around now to keep me happy. And I’ll give all the credits for this to Mother Nature. Here is where I had the deepest of bonding with not individuals but their souls. Getting lost into the wild was my best decision ever. I surely found my way out as a better Human being. Filled in with a lot of positivity.

So, if anyone out there is going through a tough time, I would ask you to hold on. You are capable of a lot more. And trust me while I say “The best is yet to come” . Stay wild and keep exploring!

Jisha Madai



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