‘Im’ in the Imperfection – Simran Bhatia

‘Im’ in the Imperfection – Simran Bhatia

October 3, 2017 0 By admin

When life gives you lemons, throw back at it and say “try harder next time! Because I am tougher.”

Fresh out of school, we all float in the rosy dream of this awesome, oh-so- perfect campus life. Nervous and excited at the same time and thinking how this new phase will be. We smile to ourselves and go to sleep. And the morning arrives, heavy with reality. And life hits you straight in the face, once it hits you, it’s your core that shakes up.

Amity has this quality to sway people away like a giant wave in the ocean, away from shore, away from your goal.

But if you are just a little careful you might find an anchor, a hope to save you from being lost in the ocean. You miss it, you are never to be found. Your voice is lost forever.  I was swayed away too but I guess was lucky to find my anchor waiting to save me.

For the past four years, Amity has given some amazing eye-opening experiences and of course a boxful of memories (I will be needing another one though!). This university has given three very close friends whom I trust with my all my heart, confidence, oh how I can forget the ability to multitask –  with all the projects and minors and assignments going on throughout the semester!

But you see, where there are roses, there are thorns. Not all was so pretty and sweet, there was one bitter moment in my life, bitter enough to transform me completely. Transform and not change because it helped me become a much stronger person, wise and made me to never give up the good in you. I had lost a very close friendship, which came to me in the most unexpected way, no regrets whatsoever, but there were days when that incident left me shattered and it made doubt myself, my worth and my friendship. But I have also learnt that nothing lasts forever, not even storm. And as the storm gets over and sun shines, it will become better and it did. And this was because my closest friend who has been my roommate since 1st year was always there for me no matter what.

Amity did teach me that you should always love yourself so deeply and immensely that its energy resonates wherever you go. Still working on a lot of lessons, because I rather be called imperfect than a masterpiece.

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When you are angry with someone, initially you want an apology, but when the wait goes over your self-respect, you forgive them, not because they deserve it but because you need peace and closure for your mind. And that’s what I finally did. I saved myself from getting more harmed BY myself.

I must say that I am lucky because I have this awesome set of people who had been supportive since I could barely open my eyes-my parents. They knew that I was going through testing times, but they never left me alone. My father always said and he still says, friendship is supposed to make you feel like a bird -light and free not an iron cuff to make you feel bounded and lowly.

Talking about what I achieved in Amity: self- love, care for yourself, for the soul, patience and tolerance.

These amazing years taught me some very valuable lesson which nobody ever could. My guru, my teacher are my experiences who told me that selflove is not selfish, self-respect is above all virtues. Accept change (not easy, but will be worth it), believe in miracles- they happen every day, accept your demons not fight them they are a part you,Believe in karma – it is the queen in the chess of life, never underestimate the power of a smile, give love receive love, Repair your guards- they need to stand strong for you to survive in this world and Laugh-  the world needs more of that.

Keep smiling earthlings those 13 muscles of your cheeks are there for a purpose.


Simran Bhatia

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