HOBBY: The Quintessential Path For Happiness – Sanil Sawant

HOBBY: The Quintessential Path For Happiness – Sanil Sawant

January 30, 2018 2 By Illiterate Folks

“It’s all about Scale Models and Toys…” this punch line as my status on Instagram account is an epitome of my story.

When I was a kid the remote-controlled cars and bikes always fascinated me. I started collecting scale models of cars and toys as my hobby. My motto behind collecting them was not just playing with them but was to treasure them as a symbol of love and passion for those magnificently and elegantly designed automobiles. I was a die-hard fan of McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys and loved collecting them.



My hobby of collecting scale models and toys appeared very simple for everybody around. We always consider ourselves as heroes in our teenage, so I decided to make my hobby more challenging by stepping out of my comfort zone and setting off in a hunt for some unique scale models and rare toys. This was my sincere attempt to add real gems to my treasure. But the major constraint was being dependent on my mother for buying those toys. I was not able to collect as many toys as I desired.

Days and years passed, I started with my graduation studies. Along with my studies, I managed to continue with my collection up to a certain extent. I started clicking photographs of my scale-models and toys in my cellphone. But those pictures were just stored in my cellphone gallery and were rarely shared on social-media sites like Facebook. Meanwhile a beautiful phase in my life had begun. I met the sunshine of my life. We used to spend hours together studying and enjoying our college life. This time in my life was a dream world.



I completed my graduation and started working, I mean I started “Earning”. This reduced the burden of buying scale-models from my mom’s shoulders. So I could now purchase whichever scale-model or toy which I wanted to buy. I started searching online, interacted with people of same interest and this is how I was able to get few of my masterpieces. I visited many McDonald’s outlet in search of a toy whenever I didn’t find it in one outlet.

Everything was going good. During all this, I decided to get married with love of my life as we were both settled. But its life and it is always full of ups and down. I lost my sunshine in the darkest clouds. Days started turning gloomy and awful, with repeated thoughts of catastrophe which had just hit me harder on my face, waking me up from my beautiful dream. Many a times thoughts of giving up this life mingled in my mind. Every moment in my life had become a burden for me. I was just living my routine life, going to office, coming back home at night, dozing off with tears and swollen eyes.


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In the meantime, nothing but a layer of dust was accumulated on the treasure I have collected. However, it is truly said “After every darkest night, there is always a brightest day”. I decided to engross my soul into something which was left aside for few months. Finally the day had come. My mind was all set. My DSLR was ready. And I started with the work which my soul enjoyed. I clicked few crude photographs of my scale-models and uploaded them on Instagram. To my surprise, the photographs were liked so much by my friends and the comments I received were like a motivation for me to begin a new journey with my hobby as my companion.

I used to select few of scale models, put them in  my backpack, grab my camera, decide a location and just head in that direction to click pictures and upload them on Instagram. It had become my routine after my office, to sit for hours to edit the photographs and try to improve each and every post I shared on Instagram. Days after days, posts after posts, I observed that there was a gradual increase in the number of followers of my Instagram account. This followers were not just from my city or country, but from all over the world. My inbox was full of messages of appreciation and suggestions from my followers. This kept me motivated to click more and more photographs and upload them. This gained me an opportunity to interact with like-minded people from all over the world and learn new editing techniques.



The thing which motivated me more, was the messages from people who said that my hobby motivated them to do the same and they started tagging me in the similar photographs clicked by them. I have kept screenshots of all of these messages, they boost me whenever I feel low. The real milestone in my life was to cross 5000 followers before 2017 and accomplishing that exactly on the last day of 2017 was like a dream true.

I believe in a thought that “except for growth everything is constant in our life, for growth we require a change”. This change can take place only by changing our approach towards life, by learning new things, welcoming all types of criticisms and feedback and trying to be better than ‘The Best’ in every aspect of life.

Lastly I would like to tell my friends and the readers of this article, “Work gives you money, but doing something you love will give happiness to your soul”. In future, my aim will be to collect rarest master pieces and to beautify them from all the perspectives by learning new photography techniques.


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