Halving Myself To Fly Again – Rushil Sanjgotra

Halving Myself To Fly Again – Rushil Sanjgotra

July 30, 2017 0 By Ankita Biswas

Being a person with ambition and one who constantly stirred within himself the motive to rise and fly like an eagle was substantially curtailed by an enormous blemish which pushed me to the limit wherein I had lost all confidence. The extend of fall in confidence was such that I even started doubting my capabilities in the job that I loved the most. One blemish and certain unnecessary and unwanted remarks by people forming your environment can have such an enormous impact, is a life lesson learnt by me from this.


Now you must be wondering what in God’s name am I talking about. It is nothing more than the physique that I have been talking about. The older me was no less than a gigantic person spread in with a person almost inflated. Being from a foodie family, never in my life did I give any attention to what and how much goes down to the ever demanding stomach and hence that was evident from my body type.

Some of you must be wondering, when I was never concerned about my eating habit what suddenly enticed me to strive this hard to get into physical shape. This is an instance, wherein even after playing really well for the basketball team I was rejected on the grounds of excessive fat globules in my body. That day literally tore me apart, but yes it did ignite my soul to let it on a path of sheer determination and hard work. That became the day I started testing my physical limitations with a view to attain supremacy over my excessive cravings.

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The time was tough, it took a toll on me but the desire to prove my worth to the ones who claimed me as nothing was far more greater than the hard work required to reduce myself to the limit wherein I can restart my journey to fly and soar high in sky.The journey, though a tedious one but was the most amazing one which taught me all sorts of lessons of life and surely built patience to sustain hardships and turned me into an optimist.


To people who consider working out daily a waste of time or give all its benefits to physical fitness should also know that it is not just physical quality that is enhanced by exercise, it opens your perspective to the world wherein you start looking at the bright side of the world and this in turn boosts your confidence to face everything head on.

This journey of mine has immensely benefited me and my character has surely helped me to soar high in the sky and scale peaks again.

-Rushil  Sanjgotra

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