The Full Circle – Debanjan Kundu

The Full Circle – Debanjan Kundu

July 17, 2017 0 By Debanjan Kundu

As I sit here July 17th, 2017, I see and feel, life has come full circle for me. Exactly 5 years ago I had set my foot outside my house for the very first time; I was anxious and nervous about how it is going to pan out ultimately. I believe now, people who have not had this experience yet of getting out of the comfort zone, they have not completed their education, irrespective of their professional laurels. It is the most important lesson of life: How to stay out of your comfort zone? As philosophy says: Nothing ever grows there and I realize every step of my way now, the epitome of truth that this phrase bestows.   


The beginning of the journey…..


There is a thing called fresher’s

My entire college life, I have learnt a lot of lessons. Lessons on surviving the mundane competition which seems never-ending. Very early in my college life, I was a very different guy than what I am today. I was insensible, spoke out of turn, I was a fool, I was different, very defensive and very generous and less selfish. 5 years down the line, I am more selfish, I give myself the highest priority, I have learnt to voice my own opinions both in my head and in real and I have learnt to handle my alter ego! Yes, I had one! Every time I used to get angry and I couldn’t express myself, I used to look at the mirror and recite what I actually wanted to tell but then I realized, that doesn’t help much. So I started expressing my opinions, I tried to make people hear and take my opinion ’cause a close friend once said to me,” If you cannot speak for yourself, no one else will.” I thank him for being an honest friend to me to actually tell me this and I realized over the whole 5 years the importance of this single statement.  

The mandatory walks of life….


The second time at Hauz Khas….

I also went through phases where I was under a financial crunch. Staying alone also meant managing all the expenditures within a fixed budget. I could not ever make my parents understand that staying with a limited budget often becomes a little constraint. It is not easy to understand that Kolkata and Noida are not the same unless you actually you go through that. Sometimes it became pretty stressful but nevertheless, an empty pocket and a broken heart are the best teachers of life.  

The never-ending cooking lessons

The birthday celebrations….


The ‘Core’ days!!!

Also staying with someone was equally exciting and stressful as well. It wasn’t easy, but the Almighty has designed me in such a way that, I can adapt quickly to conditions and when people had lot of complaints, I did just fine. Staying with someone under the same roof who’s not your sibling takes a little adjustment. We all did those adjustments to pull through 5 long years. It is not easy but nevertheless, life is beautiful on the other side of the end of the story as well!!

Being in love is a very temporary form of manifesting our desires until a certain point in life. People fall in love at the age of 16 and curiosity strikes, but it never stays. Then people fall in love in college and stupidity strikes the bell again. So finally after pushing through all these phases of transient feelings, it feels good to precipitate.

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Settling and figuring out what to do is the most important lesson in all the facets of life. Relationships, career and everything else. I see the importance of reading good books, being independent in studying and I realize that the madness that we all show prior to our board exams, running from here and there is so much waste of time.  Self study is the most important thing. I am ardent believer of the Feynman technique: Teach to someone, what you study! You will learn more by the end of your teaching. It is so true, all those times my friends used to wait for that quick session of doubt clearing and rapid revision before the papers, they helped me a lot (and I guess them too!)!

Leadership is something that always attracted me. Managing people, controlling them gave me a different kind of pleasure since the very beginning of my understanding and so I have tried to en-cash upon whatever little chances I got. I hope whatever experience I got, I hope to utilize them soon.

Well, now that I have finished my first round of examinations for my next step, I go back to a new city with plans for myself and my future, look to precipitate more and explore all those soft spots that I have by the time it is time for me to bid goodbye. 3 more days before I board that train backwards and reflect upon my journey here, probably one of the most expensive and rich one that I possess in my collection of stories from my life…….

The beginning of the end!

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