Finding My Calling – Rayance Awasthi

Finding My Calling – Rayance Awasthi

April 17, 2016 2 By admin

Finding my calling.

Hi! My Name is Rayance Awasthi and my life’s  been one hell of a ride.

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Lost soul
Ok. So lets start with a 15 year old guy who went for diploma in 2007 and it finished in 2010 with some ups and downs,and went on to get a  job as a quality engineer.
But something didn’t feel right.So  I Left after 6 months.
After That I Joined a BPO for 3 months,but the same story again.
So I thought maybe college part of my life is not yet over.
And then  I went again to college for Bachelor Of Technology.
But,yet again I was not able to find my goal,and so during the 5th semester exams,I quit my Btech!
Now,I was not a  quitter for sure,I thought to myself.It was just that something was missing from my life.
Something was just not right.
So the same story continued.
Again started the job with companies.
Changed… Rejoined……,the cycle went on.
And then I got a travelling job.
Yeah… There.There I was feeling little comfortable.
It was at that moment,it clicked.
I loved travelling.And that was my calling.
So in the course of the job,I shifted to Maharastra on October 13,and further to Chandigarh on Sep 14.
 But now with  time I am getting fed up with this one too,as i have travelled across india, except north east.
What I came to realize is that I’m not the guy to dwell in big cities.
I loved the mountains and the mountains are calling me
So after having variety of adventures in my life,I have Just applied for the mountaineering course.
And as of now ,with two of my friends,I am going to start a business in tours and travelling.
Finding My Calling
 Am I doing it right?
Who knows?
Many of my acquaintances are saying that quitting my job to start a  business is a wrong step for my future,but who cares as long as I am happy doing what I love.
I have been called a quitter,and at a point in my life I myself wondered If I am one.But once It all falls into place you realize you were right.
A shout out to everyone out there –
Rayance awasthi
” Don’t be Afraid to quit,and walk the unknown path.Find your calling and do what you love.In the end the regret of not trying outweighs the regret of a mistook step”
For all the ups and downs,and multiple career changes,I can now proudly say that I am loving the adventure in my life,and look forward to the coming ones.
Thank you.
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