Faith it till you make it – Rupsneet Kaur

Faith it till you make it – Rupsneet Kaur

September 24, 2017 0 By Rupsneet Kaur

As I sit in front of my macbook and start to contemplate my story I ponder on the little moments of my life that make it a journey which is yet not complete nor has found its destination till yet. I am a strong believer, if I feel very strongly about something I put all my heart and soul to achieve it. So you can call me a driven person which can be overbearing time and again too. I don’t know how such a tendency developed in me over the years, cause throughout my school life I was a shy, introvert and socially awkward person maybe I still am somewhat.

I lost my way when somethings around me changed without much notice.

I didn’t know who I was anymore. But someone came along and convinced me that I had no right to sorrow. He said once you lose yourself you have two choices: find the person you used to be or lose that person completely. Because only when we shed all self-definition we find who we really are. So don’t be in denial all the time & embrace changes with a smile cause one day everything will start to make sense.

In school I used to be polite, caring and helpful to everyone; my friends were what I used to cherish dearly but all of a sudden (actually not sudden but gradually) things happened, priorities changed and cause of one growing apart friendship of 11 years I started losing faith in the word best friend and due to my inbuilt introvert self I became more insecure and doubtful in myself and all over in the notion of friendships.

I developed insomnia when I was in 11th grade and reading kind of started as a hobby to make me sleep and then became an escape from the hard bearing emotions I used to feel. Now it is more of a habit and I can read anything and everything in terms of fiction. Reading is a great healing mechanism. I am a huge Belieber, since teen years I used to listen so his songs, get inspired from his life and it is something that helped me shape myself back again. Music helped too.

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Time changed, I started to lose my inhibitions by writing and looked forward to start ‘the new phase’ – my college life. Academically I was always a good, obedient student and scored well. Career wise I was dead set on to take Biotechnology from the start when I realised I have an interest in science and then I gave 3 of the entrance tests since my family did not want me to move out from Delhi. So henceforth came Amity. Its been 4 years in here and I am glad I became a part of it. Amity, more or so it’s people gave me the sense of belongingness I did not feel in my school. I started taking up responsibilities as a leader, became more particular about things and made friends though some sticked around and some did not but all of the moments were worth the experience.

I joined Unleashed – The Literary Club as a volunteer in my first year for the sole purpose of exploring my writing but rather it made me an extrovert and a person who is confident, driven and not deter from sharing her own mind. I volunteered as an anchor or technically Master of the Ceremony in the fest and weekly events of our Institute. Then I got an opportunity to work with my seniors and plan Labyrinth – The treasure hunt. The work and chances started coming and I didn’t not plan for ahead but more yielded into the privilege to become a part of it. There’s a student body hierarchy that follows in our college, though I did not expect myself as one to be involved in such power yielding positions. I was encouraged to give the interview and due to my caliber and hard work as a volunteer in fest and events I became the coordinator of the Literary Club. Part of my Unleashed journey was full of the struggle to maintain balance with my family, friendships and learning professional work ethics. With constant support from my mother and my dearest senior-friend Ruhanie di, I managed to pass through all the hardships and struggle of the year, I planned Labyrinth again as coordinator in-charge in Amity Youth Fest’17. Currently I am the Head Coordinator for Unleashed and feel that I have accomplished something and have come a long way from the naive-shy girl I was.

At the end of it all I would like to share something dearly to me, the meaning of my tattoo the Lifelong learning – as long as you breathe, your mind, your heart and your soul are seeking knowledge, it is not confide to a specific area. Knowledge is what drives your life and makes it meaningful. The knowledge I impart today is what I gained from the institution that is called Life, the experiences it put me through.

The education that we behold does not confine itself to limits of any institution. It extends its wings into every aspect of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Start flying!

Rupsneet Kaur


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