When flying in dream becomes the reality of your life – Rameshwer Jangra

When flying in dream becomes the reality of your life – Rameshwer Jangra

December 27, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

I was born in a village in Rajasthan, India. All I ever wanted to be was a fighter Pilot with the Indian Air Force. When that didn’t happen, decided to be an Engineer, just like most kids at the time. I did my Computer Engineering from Kurukshetra University, Haryana. Currently working in USA, as a manager with EY.

Even though I couldn’t join Indian Air Force, the recurring dream of flying/floating through the sky never ceased. I considered it as a manifestation of my passion to become a pilot. However, what puzzled me was that I was flying my body instead of a plane, in the dreams. At that time I had no idea about Skydiving.

After coming to US, one of my friends and roommate at that time, asked me if I wanted to go Skydiving. It was one of the items on his bucket list. Since I had never heard about Skydiving till then, I asked him what it was. When he explained that we would be jumping out of a plane and free falling, I thought he was joking and told him if he is doing it, I will do it too. He wasn’t joking and made the reservations and paid for the jumps.

Every thing was normal till a day before the jumps. On the evening before the jump day, we started thinking about what we have signed for and were having second thoughts about the jumps. However, neither of us said that out loud about having second thought. Next early morning drove to the Dropzone (a place where Skydiving operations are conducted).

We were excited. But more scared than excited as we didn’t know what to expect.

We signed the paper work (that basically said I was signing away my life) and got briefing about the jump. We geared up and boarded the jump plane. I had never flown in a plane that small. Once we were at the jump altitude, the instructer opened the aircraft door. That’s when my whole life flashed in front of me. I even started praying ( I have hardly prated more than a couple of times in my entire life). Getting out of the plane was the hardest part. I didn’t know what to expect or how it will feel and that made it even more scary. Once out of the plane, the fear was replaced with euphoria and pure bliss. After a 30 seconds of free-fall and less than 5 minutes of flying under a Parachute we landed safely on the ground.

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I felt on the top of THE WORLD.

Once on the ground I realized this is something that I wanted to experience again. I asked around the training process for becoming a Licensed Skydiver and the cost involved. At that time I didn’t have enough money to start with the training process. I promised myself to save enough money and start the training sessions next season/year. For next 9 months I saved up enough money and signed up for the training sessions when season started in 2010.

I have been skydiving for more than 7 years now and BASE jumping for 3 years. I have been Wingsuiting for the last 3 years. Currently I have more than 850 Skydives out of which around 400 are Wingsuit Jumps. I have been actively working with Aero Club of India and Skydiving Community to promote Skydiving in India. I have been representing India at various international events (FAI World Championship of Wingsuit Performance Flying – 2016, FAI 2nd WOrld Cup of Wingsuit Flying – 2017). Currently, I hold two FAI REcords (Asian continent) for Wingsuit Performance Flying (Greatest Speed – 284.4 km/hr and Greatest Distance – 4.73 km).


Rameshwar Jangra

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