The Unconventionally Conventional – Vijay Yadav

The Unconventionally Conventional – Vijay Yadav

November 22, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

“Follow your Dreams/Passion”

It’s the 3 Word Phrase which you keep on Hearing from everyone. I did too ; but never understood it. Because when you are born in a Middle class family your passion is decided by either the financial conditions or what the society is going for. Mine was no different; right before the birth of my elder brother, my dad, who was in the Army by the way, had already decided that  one son will go to army and the other will be perusing engineering, by obvious reasons.

Well, my brother didn’t go to the Army and so we both ended up doing engineering. But wait here, it’s not the whole story. Yes my father did send me to engineering Diploma after 10th but I also kind of wanted to go to college, because School was boring for me.Not that I didn’t enjoy being there but, College mein jaate to Hostel mein rehte and blah blah. So I took that. Koi ghatiya college bhi  nahi tha, No. 1 college for Diploma in North India, that too a Government College(BTW that’s a big deal). I was ranked 300 all over Haryana. So ya I got Mechanical Engineering.Yeah!! For obvious reasons – Ghar se nikalna tha. Tumhe kya lagta hai mujhe Mechanical pasand thi?, huh.


Anyway enough of Boasting. After 6 Years of engineering {3 years of Diploma(from Karnal) + 3 yrs of Faridabad)}, I started working with one of my friend on his construction sites.I still had no idea where I was going,but at that time earning money was the only focus. Left there in 2 months. Haha!! passion? Nah, Didn’t like it.


Another phase started, I started learning Mechanical Designing Softwares (i.e. 2D and 3D softwares like, AutoCad, CATIA.), did that because I was pretty good with Drawings and Designs. While learning these softwares, I was offered a job by the same Institute, to train/teach side by side learning the softwares. BTW I like teaching too. Anyways after 7-8 Months left that too,as I got a Job as DESIGN Engineer in one of the German MNC’s. Visited Germany too(Company Expenses Obviously). Resigned with Dignity to start my own Business(CADD Centre), which I had planned from long, then only I came to know how does it feel to work your asses off, because Business sucks your blood like anything. You don’t know you are going to survive this month or not. Got a lot of help from parents, because you get a hell lot of mood swings in your business.

Meanwhile on the other hand I wanted to write a book, which I thought of writing in late 2015. A  friend who runs a startup named “Hello Meets”, which organizes meetings under different Genres,invited me to a meet was with some Author.I went there and came to know what are the different processes you have to go through for the same, and at the same time AIB(All India Bakchod) came up with its writers program called “AIB First Draft”. I applied for that, didn’t got selected, but got passes for a program called “Coalition”, held in Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi, 4-6th February 2016 where different professionals held their workshops kind of meets, like Comedy had AIB, EIC, and other comedians. I went there just to get a peek of it. Went to the comedy Section and attended all the meetings.There I  Met Garv Malik (Comedian) and Jeeveshu Ahluwalia (Comedian)  and came to know about the open mics and how to apply for the same.

So there I was, my First open mic, 15th March 2016, Summerhouse, Hauz Khas. First 6 months were just like, I had to get my stage fear out, as I was very shy from childhood, I was never a people pleaser, I was bullied as a kid, in college I wasn’t that funny, but as time passed by,in the final year of my College, I opened up a little bit, but only b/w a group of friends. The thing I have understood is

“Jab Jeb mein paise nahi hote na, tab aadmi dab ke rehta hai, Jab paise aa jaate hain to Muh mein Zabaan aa jaati hai”.

Anyway coming back to comedy, it’s been almost 20 months down the line and now I have taken this as a full time profession because I understood that every time I get on stage I’m more and more in love with this profession. I love making people laugh. And I have some of the greatest mentors to learn from, in this Industry. Is there Politics here?, yes obviously there is. But If I’m focused on my work, rather than going here and there bitching about people it all works fine.Do I have Bad days? Obviously I do. In fact every time you don’t do good in your show, be it an Open mic(New Jokes testing show) or a proper show, you go into self introspection, but to come over with it, and be ready to perform again is what I’ve learnt. Do People Judge Me?. Yes they do, but whats the point of me thinking about them, its their job not mine. In this profession what I’ve understood is “AUDIENCE IS THE JUDGE”. If they like my jokes then I don’t care what people think of me. Am I enjoying this? Hell yeah.

The thing is when you come from a Middle class family you don’t have much of a choice,it is tough for you to follow your passion or dreams.Convincing your parents to let you follow your passion is a task, because they want you to be secure in life and everyone knows that working for someone i.e. a day-to-day job, is the most secure thing to do, because at the end of the month your accounts gets credited with X amount, be it a Public or Private sector. There is a Quote by Zakir Khan(Not the exact words but its kind of the same)

“Tumhare Maa baap ko tumhare kisi bhi profession se koi problem nahi, wo bas tumhe Unsuccessful nahi dekh sakte”

While starting comedy, my parents were also against it because they used to think that how much could I get out of it, and now they see me getting some money. Be it organizing or anything else, they are fine with it. Just like every other profession Comedy also takes time to grow. Like when you work in a job, you get promoted according to your experience and work, it’s the same thing, only difference is, this is a solo sport, you are your own motivation.

If you do good, great! If you do bad, don’t worry, tomorrow is another day.

The key is keep writing, keep testing your jokes. Everything will follow automatically. Be serious about it. There’s nothing wrong that you were not allowed to follow your passion, most of the people have found out their passion pretty late in their Lives. There’s this quote by Jeeveshu Ahluwalia “When you are poor your dreams die first”. So if you find what you love, just go for it. Just don’t give up. I found out this when I was 27, when I had my own business, and leaving that was a tough choice but everything you decide has to be done properly. People will tell you what to do.


HUMILITY is another thing that should be there. Even in Comedy, you’ll get suggestions from people. Just believe in yourself. That’s what you call “Follow your Passion/Dreams”. One thing we need to understand, following your passion doesn’t mean , you have to be rude to anyone, specially your parents, most of us have parents who have/had daily jobs and have grown up listening to the society with the same thing. So the mentality has not changed yet. If you can’t make them understand what you are doing and why you are doing this, then don’t get rude to them when they don’t understand your perspective or your dreams. Half of the families or more still don’t know how to communicate, and its not their fault it’s just the mentality we had grown with and its ok.


When you are serious about what you are doing and you start doing what it takes, there will be a lot of obstacles in your path, your parents are NOT one of them, because they just want you to be happy and successful in life, when they see you are doing good they will be on your side. I’ve seen many people who don’t want their parents to know what they are doing.This is wrong, sooner or later they will come to know about this and then they might not like it because the third person who has told them about you, might not tell the same way you could have told, which might (will) go against you. I’m telling you this because I’ve been through this. Now, I do tell my parents about everything happening in my life and they have been supporting me ever since.


Well yeah there are some things that they still keep bugging me with, like marriage or getting a job but still that’s the YIN and YANG of life. Don’t think your parents can’t see, they have been through your age 20/25 years ago so just stop behaving like you know everything and start trusting your parents at least.

Wrote a Poetry few Months back –

Na jaane kyun ek raftaar si hai is zamaane mein,

Umar beet jaati hai khud ko azmaane mein,


Raasto par hai bheed manzilein sunsaan si hai,

Kho gayi hai humaari asliyat kahin maikhaano mein,


Dhoondne nikle hain hum bhi apna jahan,

Par jhooth aur fareb hai logon ke nishaane mein,


Junoon sawaar hai humein kahin pahunchne ka,

Rishte toot gaye hain zindagi banane mein,


Milte hain kabhi kabhi kuch yaar aise,

Gam nahi hota jin sang waqt bitaane mein,


Guroor mein ho gaye hain choor sab is qadar,

Kaise karein intiyaaz(difference) jaane aur anjaane mein,


Poochta hun akele mein khud se sawaal,

Kitna waqt kiya hai zaya parayo ko manane mein,


Foonk foonk kar rakhne padte hain kadam,

Par mazaa kahan hai adhoori kahani sunani mein,


Hogi humaari bhi kahani itihaas ke panno par,

Par umar beet jaegi khud ko azmaane mein.





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