Trust The Timing of Your Life – Rishab Nema

Trust The Timing of Your Life – Rishab Nema

September 2, 2017 0 By Rishab Nema

 Born and Brought Up in Delhi NCR,  raised by a middle class family, I did my schooling from Gurgaon.

I remember shifting from Gurgaon to Manesar (30 Kms ahead) which was probably the changing point of my life. I was forced in a new condition, new surroundings, new place. A situation I didn’t like to be in, but looking back at the years I spent in my High School, I can proudly say that it was the best change that happened to me. From there only my passion for Photography picked up heat.

Photography is not just clicking pictures to me, it’s the power it gives me to capture moments, it’s the ability to freeze time and a medium through people can relive their memories. I started photography 8 years ago when I got a Kodak Reel Camera from my dad and we went on a trip to Jammu. The natural beauty called me, inspired me to click from various angles, clicking it in a way most of the people didn’t think of. Since then, I took steps to a digital camera, then turned to my phone’s camera, and then buying a Semi- DSLR and ultimately in 2016, buying my very own Nikon DSLR.

It has been a perfect step by step transition for me as I didn’t restrict my passion from the equipment I had, I utilized it to the maximum, and when It was time, I took a step ahead. After completing my schooling, I joined a group in my college called The Shutterbug, which is the main reason of my development in Photography. I was a raw talent, who only clicked on instincts but they brushed my edges and molded me into someone who has not only grown in Photography but as a person too.I started doing free-lancing, picked up projects, joined some groups, did part time jobs, but more importantly, learned to become independent at the age of 18. I’ve learned that life has lots of opportunities for you, you just have to trust the timing of your life. I believe that honest hard work never goes in vain, and you’ll get the result somewhere or the other. You just have to patient, and have the will to continue.


I’m often called SuperMan, and there’s a reason the M is capital, because I’m not a fan of the superhero, but It is because of the fact, that I’ve always summoned the will to continue. Never Give Up has been my motto after I lost my dad in 2014, life has challenged me at many times but I’ve never backed down.

Looking back at the years, if I had bought a DSLR in the starting, I wouldn’t have learned so much through the journey and experience. At this point in life, I’m an independent, passion- following college student, who has experienced some bits of life but is hungry for more.


Through Photography, I’ve learned that the destination is important but the journey is priceless. 

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