From Touch to Clicks – A Photographer’s Journey – Kushagra Jaiswal

From Touch to Clicks – A Photographer’s Journey – Kushagra Jaiswal

November 26, 2017 2 By Illiterate Folks
Hi! I am a photographer by passion and pursuing engineering by mystery(like most of the guys out there).
I started photography when I was in class 11th, when I attended my first photography workshop organised by my coaching teacher. It was a 2 days workshop and thanks to this workshop! I came to know that there is something called “exposure triangle” which consists of ISO,aperture and shutter speed. At that time I only had my phone to capture, which had an 8 MP camera and I could control only ISO.
I started photography by capturing nature like clouds, flowers and had also done a little portrait and wildlife photography with it. At that time I had a 2G internet connection, I use to follow photographers on Instagram and send messages to many photographers for help and to give me some suggestions for the betterment of my photography skills. But no one replied at that time, I was helpless and that was when I decided I will learn it by myself.
I used to click on a daily basis, capturing sunset, clouds, water droplets, smoke and shadow. Few pages of my town saw my clicks and they appreciated me and reposted my pics on their page. That was my first achievement. Everything was going alright and then the time came when everyone suggested me to switch to DSLR and I was also experiencing the need of a DSLR because phone camera has limitations. We have very few shots to click and clicking the same thing again and again was not satisfying me.
When I reached in class 12th, I asked my parents for the DSLR, and as expected I got NO for an answer. After a lot of persuasion, they said I will only get a DSLR when I clear IIT  mains exam. The inner me knew ‘aab to milne se raha’. still I didn’t study for mains and continued my photography using my phone. I still don’t know how I cleared the IIT mains exam, it’s still a mystery for me.
And finally the day came when I got my first DSLR nikon D3400 on 26th may 2017
And from that day onward I shoot in full manual mode. All my friends and people around me got amazed and everything changed. People around me started appreciating my work, I got a little famous in my city .and now I have 2 pages on Instagram the first one is my page where I post my captures ( @kushagra_1411) and I made the second page (@india_photography_india). I made this page so that I can help  people by giving them reviews and repost their work. I like to give useful tips to those in need because I didn’t get when I needed it the most.

From zero followers and zero post to 2K followers and 1K post. I just want to say that guys don’t lose hope if you are good at something and no one can stop you.


Instagram:- @kushagra_1411 @india_photography_india

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