There’s no better thing in life than following your passion – Sharanbir Kaur

There’s no better thing in life than following your passion – Sharanbir Kaur

February 14, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

It has long been said that passion fuels your purpose in life, I never really got the implication until recently. My tiny tale is the tale of a lot of people who are made to decide too early in life what they want to pursue, until passion comes knocking on the door and pokes them frantically until they can no longer imagine being away from it.

I am a dentist by profession, I pursued my bachelors and then my masters, and I thought I had the world in the palm of my hand. My spirits were high and roaring when I first passed out, I was amongst the top three in my university, when life hit me. The time spent in the clinic is supposed to enrich you, and thrill you on a daily basis. However for me after a while it became mundane. I felt lost, disheartened and just bored, because I knew I was missing something.



Luckily for me, I re-found my long-lost love for paints. It started out with scribbling here and there, I made very unimpressive stuff but it made me as happy as a child in Disneyland. The whole idea of paint moving around on crisp white sheets and canvases is poetic in my head. I promised myself I’d make time for it and pursue it with all my heart. It’s been a year down the lane and I haven’t stopped and I don’t intend to.

Painting is my first love, and I paint canvases, although it’s a long journey of learning and growing. I stumbled upon making illustrations on the way, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve always been an over the top optimistic who believes in the good things in life, who believes in getting up after every stumble. So the illustrations kind of happened because they have helped me connect with people, on a different level. People message me on my Instagram page telling me how sometimes what I posted helped them through with ongoing stuff, or just gave them that tiny ray of optimism we all need on and off, and it kind of puts what I do into perspective.


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I know I would have been painting irrespective of the acknowledgement, but the appreciation and the “you are doing good work” always acts as a push. It gives you a sense of belief that you are doing your teeny bit of good for the society in the best way you know.

I’m not too greedy, I don’t want big monetary gains from my work, but I want to leave behind a tiny paint stain in the world, a few people to remember me by for my work. And I know all this is too bookish for some people to believe, but when you get fuelled by what you love in life, you are willing to sacrifice the comfort of a known life and wander in the unknown.

I hope sometime soon, I can put in all my time into this. I already am free lancing a little bit, but to have my own art studio and getting up to paint everyday for the rest of my life is the dream. And I know if I keep at it, it isn’t too far in the future. 



I started at 149 people on my Instagram page, all of whom I knew, to a pretty big family of people who like what I do. All in all the moral of the story is, that your dreams are never too ambitious to go after. Have faith in your abilities and work hard for your dream. You never know when you hit the jackpot.



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