The sweet melody of pursuing your dreams – Jemmy Chen

The sweet melody of pursuing your dreams – Jemmy Chen

October 2, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

My Name is Jemmy Chen, I’m a Finger style Guitarist from Indonesia.
I was born in a family which really loved music;my father is a good singer, and so is my brother who also loves to play keyboard.

Maybe because of them, I was very interested in music. Every time I saw people playing a guitar, I was excited and wanted to learn to play the stringed instrument.Sadly,although I had a music oriented family , we didn’t had a  guitar.

So I had to go to my friend’s home who had a guitar and learn with them. But it was really hard to learn because I don’t have my own instrument. One day a friend bought me a guitar and since then I  can’t stop playing,because playing the guitar is ecstasy for me. I used to play guitar for about 8 hours or more everyday. I only learnt one song but, never get bored with it.

I remember the first song that I learnt from my friend was “Face Down” a song from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This song is not so hard, but it took me a week to learn it and finally I could play guitar like I was always wanted to. I  advanced to playing a standard chord and learning some songs by myself. And 2 weeks after that I was playing some songs. I was very excited to learn guitar picking and melody. My friend’s taught me guitar picking and found some melody and this took me about two-weeks to learn and finally I could play a little bit melody and guitar picking a song.

Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

One month later my brother and my friends introduced me to a video of Sungha Jung, and that was the first time I came to know about finger style guitar technique.. It was really amazing! Sungha, he is really a child prodigy.  How can he can play finger style guitar like that in that age!!! I used to wonder. So I felt shame and pity for my self. He always nailed every song that he posted on YouTube. Inspired from him, I set my goals to becoming a great guitarist like him someday.

Everyday I imagined  myself to play like Sungha Jung and impressing my friends at high school with the amazing skill. But I couldn’t become a great guitarist if I never start to learn like him.

One day I downloaded a lot of finger style videos, I started to watch videos and thought about which song should I begin with. And one song really got my attention. The song was “When The Children Cry” from White Lion, but I really didn’t knew how do I start to learn.

The next day my friends came to my home and we talked about playing this song and we got an idea. The idea was to pause Sungha’s video and make it slow so we could see his picking.  Me and my friends decided to continue with this method, it took us about an hour to understand the song but in the first 30 seconds of the song, we knew this was not going to be easy. But me and my friends were adamant to play like him,so we were not going to stop. And day by day we learnt by using this method and it took us about 4 days or more to figure it out. But still had to remember all the picking done in the song. I played the song very slowly everyday to remember the song. It took me 2 weeks to learn it and finally I could play that song. This gave me a hope.

Play like Sungha Jung

With hard work everything is possible.

Since then, I believe I can play every song I want to if I work hard enough for it. After 3 month of learning guitar, I can play 7 fingerstyle songs. I found a new method to learn a fingerstyle song, with tab I can learn a song more easily and faster than my first method and because of that I can learn new fingerstyle songs every week. But if the song required a new skill it would take 2 weeks or more. Every time I got stuck and felt low because I could’t handle the song. I used to remind myself of the work I put in for the first fingerstyle song I learnt. I would tell myself to work harder than this, so I never gave up.

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One day in the last year of my high school; we had an exam about music in which we had to prepare two songs and perform it in the school. I had already prepared for it, firstly I would do an Indonesian song and then a song; Felicity by Sungha Jung. On the day of the exam, I performed the songs and my teachers and friends got so surprised because they had never seen me playing guitar in the school. My teacher asked “Is that a new style to play a guitar? and how can you play the percussion at the same time?” That day really made me happy because now I knew my hard work had paid off.

Fingertyle guitar like sungha jung

Play like Sungha Jung

When the result of the exam came,  I had topped the exam. My teacher congratulated me and told me that I played the best guitar in the school. Since, I decided that someday I would become a YouTuber  and play like Sungha Jung, and I started learning to arrange a simple song and never use tab anymore.

Two years later, I have started my YouTube channel and uploaded my arrangements on it. I want to share the music that I make to people all over the world. Never stop learning.

The price you get from your hard work;it’s really worth it. So never give up on your dreams.


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