The Magic in my life – Aditya Sareen

The Magic in my life – Aditya Sareen

July 27, 2017 0 By Ankita Biswas

It all started when I was around 5 year old. I used to see all the kids of my colony playing cricket and football but, I was not allowed to play these games at all by my parents. Even though I tried to play these games indoors whenever I got a chance and when my parents were not looking at me. But each time I did it, it turned out to be a nightmare for me. One small jerk in my joint used to result in a tremendous internal bleed and as a result of that, I had to stay on bed for a week. Soon after, all these incidents became common in my day to day life. Then, my parents told me that, I am suffering from a rare disease known as Haemophilia and that it is an incurable disorder and I have to survive with it. For a 6 year old kid, this seemed like a joke or something. But soon, I realized the severity of this thing and I explained myself that, yes this is the thing and I have to beat it.

Due to this disease, I was home schooled till my 9th standard. All my colony friends  used to come at my house and play indoor games like chess with me.

I had a life changing incident in my life when I was 8 years old. I accidentally discovered my passion for magic. It was an August morning, my grandfather gifted me a magic book and I was immediately attracted towards it. Later that day, I went to one of my relative’s house. One of my cousin showed me a magic trick with a magic pad and I was  fascinated with it. My cousin gifted me that pad and I came  home happily. After few hours, my father turned on the TV and luckily, the first channel was showing a magic show and I was again mesmerized with that art. After that TV show, my father taught me a classic magic card trick and since that moment, I completely dived into the world of magic. I bought few more magic books and I started to practice those tricks and mastered them as much as I could. All my friends, who used to play outdoor games were now always in my house, asking me to show them some magic tricks. This thing continued until I was 16 years old and I got selected as a participant at the World Magic Festival. I performed there with many internationally acclaimed magicians and it was a wonderful experience for me.

Magic Aditya Sareen

Magic Aditya Sareen

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Then I started to prepare for my board exams and got selected in JEE Mains with a good rank, but I dropped the plan of engineering for my love for literature. I joined English Honours along with part time language course in the University of Delhi and the environment in the colleges took my personality to a different level. Earlier, I used to have an inferiority complex within myself that I won’t be able to compete with the “normal” children in the daily life activities. But within the first few months of mine in Delhi, I found myself to be equivalent of all other students around me. Due to the self-confidence, I started to become independent gradually and last month, I had my first 1 week long trip with my friends. And yes I am still suffering from the same disease with the same intensity.

World Magic Festival

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I simply follow 3 philosophies in my life :-
1. What you think is what you become. When I used to think of myself as inferior to everyone, I was actually being inferior in front of them. As soon as I changed my mentality, my mentality changed me.
2. Always be happy and positive in your life. I see many of my friends around me, who lose all their hopes when even the slightest of things turn against them. Many people always remain negative, even if they are not having any problem in their lives.
3. Always live in the present. Learn from your past to make your present better and don’t waste your present time in thinking about your future. I see many people making life plans like 10 years ahead of the present day and start to take tension about it. Present moment is the only true time, so try to enjoy it to the fullest.


Aditya Sareen DU

Never compare yourself with anyone, even if you think you don’t possess some common quality within yourself, you must be having a dozen of extraordinary qualities within yourself, which other people can’t even think of possessing.

Stay happy, stay satisfied and enjoy every moment of your life.

-Aditya Sareen.


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