The How’s and Why’s of my blogging life – Komal Kushwaha ( The Foodie Vogue)

The How’s and Why’s of my blogging life – Komal Kushwaha ( The Foodie Vogue)

April 17, 2018 1 By admin

Komal Kushwaha – A girl who sucked at academics.

Passing my class 12th with 66 percentile and blessed with the tag that I can do nothing in life. Oh! My goodness that made me laugh actually, A sheet of paper can’t decide your future Right! So why not opt for something out of the box.

Belonging to a family that is fully surrounded with lawyers, doctors, businessmen and government officials it was hell difficult to make your way for the world of food and living your passion. Recalling the times when I had to choose a career, my uncle who is a lawyer at high court, his words to make me prepare for CLAT coachings hardly bothered me. Even the request of my closest Relative who is SDM in lucknow guiding my father to make me prepare for IAS or PCS hardly made a difference. Those business magazines and management books never attracted me what satisfied me was new places and different cuisines.

Never forget what you are for surely the world would not.

Frankly speaking to what people exaggerate, 12 years of school life taught me how to deal with people and the reality where I stand and where I wanna see myself after 5 years. Entering into the college life became so mundane, the boredom killed me so much that again my interest in studies was wow! I’m still with a teen tag not even touched my twenties. Just to engage me a bit and to outdo those daily rants and taunts of lovely relatives I opted for something productive rather than wasting time on such silly things.

When I started up blogging, I sucked at the basics it took me 4 months to learn how to design a website as my background was commerce but I learned it myself. Not that , a  single attempt got it perfect but trying several times for the same thing. From being a introvert to a sarcastic chatterbox who doesn’t let others complete a sentence it wasn’t that easy as it appears to be. Life is a bit sophisticated and always full of complications but never ever let it abandon your smile.

Take Pride in the fact that no one can do the way you do.

Everyone goes through ups and downs even the hardest times yes! I also went through the same, that black and white memory still hurts. Flashing back to my childhood days when it was a time to play with dolls, life got me encountered with those dangerous machines and painful surgeries. Seen a phase of getting rejected by the biggest hospitals as chance of survival was equal to zero. Though i survived but with the biggest stitch mark on my stomach due to my intestinal surgery at the age of 3.

From a person who wasn’t able to frame a single sentence to becoming a content writer cum editor, it wasn’t a cup of tea. I learned by myself as perfection doesn’t mean you excell in everything actually it’s a phase where you learn everything and keep doing until you get the best out of it and that so called perfect tag Viola’ somewhat I got one for myself. I’m not ravenous so didn’t want any fiscal gains just want to leave behind some trails for people to remember me for my work.

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Recalling my past days, how i spent my precious time being cliche and on people who hardly valued me but today I outstand most of them in every aspect of life whether it be knowledge or anything so you never know when you hit a jackpot.

Thanking god! Depression was something I never have to deal with and negativity never touched me. I’m always positive and ready to accept challenges that came in my way.


”Show up the bright side, let people judge you! But never stop”

In just three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life is that ”It Goes On” so stop living life on the radar of others they hardly care and it rarely affects them, for a time being it may but it doesn’t lasts for long. Just stick with the word ”YOU” and never underestimate yourself because patience is the only key to success.


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