The dream with no goal – Akash Saxena

The dream with no goal – Akash Saxena

March 25, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

Akash Saxena , 24 years old boy who really wants to live his dreams and who never makes goal in life so that he can experiment more in all fields. Destiny always make so many turns in my life, from hell to heaven. Right now, I am a Lawyer, Photographer, Video Director, Musician, Logo Designer, Entrepreneur, Social Worker.

How it all started ???

From my childhood I have a little stammering issue which has always made me feel a bit low. I used to say my name Rahul because I had problem in calling my name; Akash, or didn’t raise my hand in classroom while I was knowing the answers. People always used to laugh and I had to fight with many hurdles, while facing public. Very few know about that how much I struggled to overcome it. But my dreams were huge considering the stammering, I wanted to sing in front of people or do photography or something, so that I can make my own name like everyone wants.



In school I started singing and playing guitar, while singing I never stammered which always boosted me up. I took admission in Engg. and I failed in first year as I never had interest in it as we are more aware about few fields like doctor, Engg., Lawyer so Engg was it. I never found that comfort in Engg . Then I left Engg. And by my relatives guidance I took admission in law as I didn’t want to waste my year.

I used to click pictures from my mobile phone, I always felt happiness in doing so, at the same time my music was there to support me in stammering. I used to do shows in college. I started liking law too as I always wanted to change INDIA in many things. Stammer was always a part of me even in college.

I remember an incident when my teacher said National Conference  is happening soon and that certificate can boost my CV and I was numb because I wanted to take part but my stammer problem was with me and before that 2 debate competitions were there so I participated in that so that I can face the national, better. So, in that debate I stood, I fought and ran from the stage crying because I was stammering a lot. But, I gave the national and I was giving the presentation while crying and I made it complete and secured the second position as well. Right now also I stammer but I have made myself so huge in my mind to be motivated to beat stammering and I am improving fastly.



Photography boosted me always, from a mobile phone to coolpix to DSLR, I bought a DSLR by myself and it’s the best feeling I can say. I worked with many India’s big bands and international bands like Matan Chapnizky etc. I was the official photographer of Pro Wrestling league and I made portfolio of wrestlers all from USA, China , France and did shoot of bands like Farhan Akhtar Live, Mrigya, Parikrama, The Suryansh Project etc. And all recognized my work and it was posted in every social and non-social medias.


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I designed national and international logos of many big names and I made that logos only by Picasa and Paint so I just started and made from it. I was so happy to work in all fields and by learning from nowhere, only experimenting in all fields made me to do such things. That feeling was something different when your work get recognition from everywhere .

I always wanted to make some change that’s why I started working with many NGOs and was always keen to teach and  motivate children all around me and I was the part of a documentary to showcase the real problems and struggles in special NGO.



I completed my law and now what to do with all my hobbies and law that was the question. Friends, family, relatives always said to me to choose one path so that you can be focused but I always hated that line to get focused in one stream but they also were not wrong. I always respect their way, but I will never give upon my dreams. Where you don’t know what to do or what will be your dream because everything that happened with all my hobbies were also a dream which I never imagined.

So again, no goal, but still keep experimenting. I started more research, then got an idea during my law days that I can be an entrepreneur by merging all my hobbies and my law in one setup as I had interest in Intellectual property rights field, so I took admission in  Amity University to pursue my masters in Law in Intellectual Property Rights.



So now summing up all my things, I made a platform by the name of ASBOX called Akash Saxena Box in which all my hobbies are there which all work going in professionally , so this idea to increase more IPR ( trademark & copyright ) in music fields and other fields too . So now my start-up is here a single platform where ASBOX and team will do photography, video production, Logo designing.  And to taking care of Trademark and copyright registration with it all over INDIA.

That was not easy at all to stand alone in all things and this is so much hard to do but you have to be so bold to face all because your heart is important to do things .

You can do anything by your experiment in fields to gain whether you are good or not . Don’t prejudge yourself and don’t make goals to live only in one field . Proud INDIAN .


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