The Dancing Passion – Yashi Srivastava

The Dancing Passion – Yashi Srivastava

December 14, 2016 0 By Yashi Srivastava

Hello everyone, this is Yashi Srivastava, a student of Film and Television Production, a girl of ambition for a thing which I had never thought would take such a place in my life. It would become my passion, my career and a kind of obsession, a thing which I can’t deny ever and never “Dance”. My life is not my dance but my dance is my life. I had merely thought of choosing dance as my career. When I started to perform I had taken it as my hobby then it became my passion and now I am on my way to make it as my profession.

I started dancing when I was about 6 years and till now I am exploring. I am an untrained dancer but it has never stopped me to adapt any dance form. I have in all performed almost 18 forms on stage (school, college & other competitions) and this number will keep increasing. I believe that if any artist of a respective field says that he/she can’t do that without giving it a try because its’ not their forte then I believe that he/she is not a true artist. A true artist always connects to his/her passion in some or the other way. Because of my intense love for my art I have always been able to stand out from the crowd.
I admire every dancer rather than of his/her name, I basically admire their work and try to learn a bit of them such as Shiamak Davar, Remo D’Souza, Madhuri Dixit, Saroj Khan & many others.
Dance had became my life when my life was about to end. I had an accident when I was in class 12 about 18 years of age.I was hit by a bus and got an injury in my ankle which still pains. It had never stopped me from performing. It would have given me more pain if I would have chosen never to perform. Whenever my pain increases at times I always think if I am able to walk,then dance would hardly make any difference.

I would really like to share one incident of my life, an event because of which I am being admired and also made fun of .A comic as well as a passionate incident. I was in the first year of my college and had participated in Sangathan, a sport and a cultural meet of my college. As I was involved in both the activities I had a lot of pressure on my leg which resulted to a sprain in the same leg which I had got hurt but as I was committed with both of my events I could not take back my steps. I was hardly taking any rest which resulted all my stress & pressure on my one leg which  got twisted also     while playing which resulted to pain in my other leg too. But the end of the day I was knowing that I had to perform in both of my events & there was no option to back out. So I played with crepes in both the legs and took Sufi turns having painkiller & removing crepes. I would really want to say that when we do something which gives us immense pleasure & happiness, the pain that comes later will hardly matter & now my maximum of decisions revolve around of dance .I don’t do anything that would harm my body and I can’t dance.

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To live my profession I have already started taking my preliminary steps like starting a YouTube channel & now I am also leading the university cultural society as coordinator cum choreographer.
Hence, I believe that my believe will never break because I will never let it break.

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